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Fun Wedding In Cadiz


Fun Wedding In Cadiz…

Spanish wedding in Cadiz.

Jo and Danny

What’s better than a day of fun wedding celebrations on the sunny southern coast of Spain? Three days of fun celebrations! As soon as we met bride and groom-to-be Jo and Danny, we knew they were going to be a fantastic couple to work with…and we weren’t wrong.

Danny had already met the Sunshine Weddings team at their friends Carla and Dans’ 2013 wedding in Mijas and had enjoyed himself so much that when it was his turn to tie the knot he wanted us to be part of it. Danny and his fiance Jo didn’t just want your average wedding, they wanted three days of fun and laughter with their nearest and dearest so they could make the most of all the amazing things a wedding destination like Spain has to offer.

Bridal preparations in Spain.


Jo and Danny’s vision was for their wedding celebrations to be a mix of the traditional along with lots of personal touches. They were looking for a typical rustic Spanish wedding venue, but they also wanted a legal church ceremony – so an on-site church or chapel was a must.

As you know, the Sunshine Weddings team love a challenge and we had a great time traveling up and down the coast with the couple, from Mijas to Cádiz, looking for their ideal wedding location. And finally we found it in the beautiful Andalucian district of Cádiz.

Spanish wedding celebration.


The wedding venue was everything they were hoping for. It was a converted monastery with a grand forest entrance, a stunning bell tower and traditional balconies running around it. Inside were two quaint Spanish terraces with orange trees and rustic touches. They also loved the fact that there are 22 rooms in the building, so that their wedding venue in Spain could be exclusively theirs for the three day party. And when they saw the monastery’s pretty little chapel they knew that they had found their perfect wedding venue and booked us there and then!

Wedding chapel in Spain’s Cadiz.


The best thing about having an experienced wedding planner by your side is that we have great relationships with venues and vendors and can negotiate on your behalf. This wedding was no exception. We managed to agree a price of just 35€ per person, per night, at the wedding venue so that Jo and Danny could have everyone they cared about at the hotel with them. All the guests flew in to Malaga or Gibraltar airports, and those that were unable to stay at the venue were put up in a nearby 4 star hotel.

The younger members of the wedding party in Spain.


The first day of the celebrations, the day before the wedding, saw 100 of Jo and Danny’s friends and family enjoying a traditional Spanish feast. We found them a great tapas bar in the main square of this sleepy white washed Andalucian village, which was the ideal way to kick off fun wedding in Spain.

The next day was their wedding day…a day that we knew was going to be filled with unforgettable moments. PART TWO of their wedding blog is to follow. Come and read about the wedding, how they enjoyed their third day of celebrations and see some more fantastic pictures of the happy couple and their beautiful rustic wedding in the South of Spain.

Wedding courtyard estate, Cadiz.