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Getting Married in Spain – What You Need To Know


Getting Married in Spain – What You Need To Know…

bride & groom getting married in Spain
Bride & groom getting married in Spain.

Getting married in Spain has become such a popular and exciting wedding concept compared to the traditional wedding at home, be it in the UK, Ireland or even internationally.

In 2013 Sunshine Weddings Spain saw an huge increase in brides from all over the world who wanted to get married in Spain; including America, China, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Sweden but to name a few. All of these Sunshine Weddings Spain bridal couples were looking for that special wedding destination that provided easy access for all their relatives and friends, where they could have glorious weather with stunning settings, and in most instances much better value for the type and style of wedding they could have back in their home countries.

Beach club wedding venue in Spain
Beach club wedding venue in Spain.

Getting married in Spain is becoming even more popular because of so many reasons:

  • Having your wedding in Spain provides a choice of amazing venues be it traditional rustic and rural, to modern day beach clubs, with a number of locations and settings to choose from.
beach wedding venue in Spain
Beach wedding venue in Spain.
  • The food is simply fantastic with fresh fish and meat cooked in Mediterranean flavours, and a delicious choice of local beverages from Sangria to a nice bottle of Rioja.
Wedding venue in Spain
Private wedding venue in Spain.
  • Most importantly you get to experience that ultimate holiday vibe that makes getting married in Spain one of the biggest memories not just for the bridal couples, but all their friends and family. Many bridal couples choose to celebrate their wedding in Spain over a 3-day period taking advantage of the culture, history, beaches with pre and post parties arranged to welcome guests who can become acquainted with each other and then to re-live the memories of the day and night before.
Wedding venues in Spain
Wedding venues in Spain.

The rules as to getting married in Spain are also very unique and should be understood to avoid any confusion.

Getting married in Spain as a non-resident is only recognized through the Catholic Church and both parties must be practicing Catholics with a wedding to take place in a church.

Church wedding in Spain.

Civil non-religious weddings may slightly vary in any of the 17 different regions within Spain, however typically getting married in Spain under civil law would take place in the local town hall by a registrar and is only agreed and confirmed on a case by case basis.

Due to the extensive paperwork requirements many opt for a paperwork signing in their home country or even Gibraltar, if they choose to get married in southern Spain, and then use their special day as their wedding in Spain and the day they will always remember to celebrate on their wedding anniversary.

beach wedding in Spain
Beach wedding in Spain.

Getting married in Spain, with the help of Sunshine Weddings Spain, couldn’t be easier.

If would like more information on any of our destinations and dream about your wedding in Spain then please contact one of the team who will be happy to assist you.