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How To Plan Your Destination Wedding in Spain


How To Plan Your Destination Wedding in Spain: Follow Our Step By Step Guide For Stress-Free Results…

So you’ve decided that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, champagne glasses and toasts have been clinked, and your family and friends are ridiculously excited.


But now the real fun begins as you wonder how to plan your destination wedding in Spain! No doubt you have hundreds of dreams and ideas, but how do you even begin to tackle the organisation? With so many pieces to put together in the jigsaw puzzle that is a modern-day wedding, where do you even begin?

Relax and read on. Sunshine Weddings has everything covered.

1: Choose the Right Wedding Planner

The most crucial aspect of any location wedding is finding the wedding planner that best meets your individual requirements. It’s absolutely vital that you have the right team in place to guide you seamlessly with the preparations – big and small – for your fairy-tale wedding. Especially when you live overseas! Your wedding planner should bring you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly and effortlessly in your dream location, with fast responses full of quality information.

Rustic finca in Mallorca
Rustic finca in Mallorca

2: Location, Location, Location

And talking of location, venue really is key We would recommend a first visit to meet with your wedding planning team and to tour around venues together. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the surroundings of a variety of wedding venues so you can better decide which feels like The One.

Once your dream location has been chosen and booked, everything else will magically fall into place.

Beautiful finca in the countryside
Beautiful finca in the countryside

3: Accommodation

Accommodation for your wedding party comes a close second on the priority list, and a good wedding planner will ensure that this task is covered, working with you to come up with a list of well-established options ranging from hotels through to self-catering apartments and even Airbnb. The first visit is an ideal time to check some of these out as a couple – if your stay allows for that.

However, the really great thing is: the world of technology has changed so much, meaning your guests will be able to book and sort their own accommodation within minutes, easing the process.

Luxury rustic hotel
Luxury rustic hotel

4: Everything Else

You’ve ticked off the venue, you’ve sussed the accommodation; next it’s time to tackle the booking of your various wedding providers:

Catering, celebrant, hair and make-up, wedding cake, photography. Even the music for the ceremony/reception and the after-dinner DJ/band should be chosen and booked well in advance. Most of these service providers are snapped up a good year before a bridal couples’ wedding day, so it’s really important that your wedding planner runs through the various possibilities with you (ideally showcasing the top six in each category) so you can decide just how much detail you would like to incorporate into your day.

Wedding musician
Wedding musician

5: Second Visit

If you are able to make a second visit, then we would suggest you do so out of the key wedding season (between mid-October and mid-April). Flights cost typically less, and there are some brilliant accommodation deals to be found. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a refresher and go over the finer details of the Big Day at your leisure. Southern Spain and Mallorca – even out of season – are typically 5-10 degrees warmer than the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, so you could even make a mini holiday out of it…

Approximately 4 weeks after your second visit, you and your wedding planner should be in a position to finalise most of the core wedding arrangements, meaning around 3 months before the wedding day itself, the majority of the details are sorted and in place.

Rustic boutique hotel wedding venue
Rustic boutique hotel wedding venue


Knowing your final guest numbers well in advance is an important part of the wedding process. Whilst venues do have different payment plans, most tend to require final numbers 6 weeks before the Big Day. In any case, your wedding planner should guide you to be in a position where 4 weeks before your wedding, you are 90% there.

Happy planning!