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Iberclasico Duo Spain | Exquisite classical music for weddings


Classical music provides an elegance unlike any other, offering a vast musical genre full of beauty, grandeur and tradition.

Iberclasico Duo Spain | Exquisite classical music for weddings
Iberclasico Duo at a wedding in Spain.

Today we are honoured to be joined by Laura Sánchez García, one of the members of the sensational sounding Iberclasico Duo, where we discover a bit more about this talented duo of violinists and how classical music at a wedding is perfect for creating a sublime atmosphere, adding a much sought-after air of tradition to your special day.

Violin duo Laura Sánchez García and Walter Oscar Tejeda Carranza.
Tell us a little more about yourself, and at what age did you start in the world of music?

I studied music from an early age at the Ateneo de Música y Danza in Málaga, then at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga and finally at the Conservatorio Superior de Zaragoza, under the tutelage of Professor Walter O. Tejeda Carranza, obtaining the title of Senior Violin Teacher with the highest qualifications.

I am also a founding member of the Chamber Orchestra of the Ateneo de Música y Danza and of the Arcos de Buenos Aires Tango Show Company, touring France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries, among others.

String Quartet at an event in Spain.

Additionally I have participated in the Orquesta of the University of Málaga, the Young Orquesta of Andalucía, Real Filarmonia of Galicia and with the Orquesta Filarmónica of Málaga, making several recordings for Spanish Radio and Television.

Furthermore I have given recitals with the Dúo de Cámara Iberclásico in Spain, Belgium, France, Algeria and Italy among others (Fundación Juan March de Madrid, Amigos de la Música de Marbella, Asociación Filarmónica de Almería, Ateneo de Málaga, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Sala Maria Cristina, etc…).

Specialising in solo violin recitals, violin and piano, violin duo, as well as experience in chamber music and symphonic orchestra.

 The sensational sounding Iberclasico Duo.
Wow! That’s quite a musical curriculum you have, can you tell us a bit more about the “iberclasico / duoiberclasico”?

An iberclassical duo means that we are a duo of 2 violinists, in our cases, this is my husband, Walter Oscar Tejeda Carranza, and myself. But we also work and offer our clients solo violin, duos: violin and piano, violin and cello or violin and piano, string trio, classical trio with soprano and string quartet.

String quartet at a wedding in Spain.
How long have you been playing your music at weddings?

Approximately 20 years.

What do you most like when you play at a wedding?

The satisfaction of accompanying the bride and groom with our music. There are so many different parts of the wedding day where we can play, from entertaining the guests on arrival as they take their seats, to classical processional music, even church hymns. Classical music isn’t all the same, and there really is something for everyone and at any moment of the day.

Husband and wife violin duo.


How often do you “practice” each day?

Like any professional we work every day and as a professional musician, we can “practice” or “train” between 5 and 6 hours a day.

Do you have a planned playlist or do you adapt to the requests of the bride and groom?

Yes, we have a very extensive playlist of pop music, ballads, tangos, boleros, Spanish music, Jewish music,… but we are always open to the musical tastes and requests of the clients, for example if they want a specific song for some moment of the ceremony, we adapt it to the musical formation they choose.

Do you have any anecdotes you can share with us from when you have played at a wedding or similar event?

The excitement of a bride when she heard her favourite song on her way down the aisle, she stopped to thank us before continuing.

Apart from music, any other hobbies you like to do in your spare time?

My husband, Walter, and I, are passionate about music but we also really enjoy spending time as a family with our three children.

String trio performing in sunny Spain.

A huge thank you to Laura and Walter for today’s fascinating feature interview, it’s clear that there are many, many hours (and years!) behind your talent on the violin and other musical instruments, thanks for sharing your story and these wonderful photos with us. We look forward to hearing iberclassical duo very, very soon.