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Interview With Camy – LemonFace Fashion Label Founder Part 2


Designer & Founder Of The Fashion Label LemonFace

In Part One we met Camy, a Spanish fashion designer and founder of boho fashion label Lemonface. Not only is she offering our readers and beautiful Spanish brides 15% off her great summer collection (simply use the voucher code SUNSHINEWEDDINGS when ordering) but she also shared a few of her fashion secrets with us.

Retro look at a sunny wedding in Spain.

Here we speak to her about pulling off the perfect retro look when attending a sunny wedding in Spain.

It’s clear that your pieces are inspired by tribal print and different cultures, so if you could go back in time, what era do you think had the best fashion?
Definitely the 1970’s. I love flared trousers and puffed sleeves You can see in my collections how much I love all things Hippy-inspired. It’s been wonderful to bring that era into the present day and give it a new twist.

Billie, Wedding Photographer Mallorca
A bridal couple at their dream beach venue in Spain.

What’s is the ideal outfit for guests at a bohemian beach wedding in Spain? Something comfortable, chic and colorful! Weddings in Spain are all about sunshine, fun and lots of bright colours. If it’s a daytime wedding you should go with a short dress, but for the night a maxi dress is always casual but elegant. And of course avoid wearing white…that’s only for the bride!

If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be your three fashion essentials?
Cargo camouflage trousers, a white t-shirt and trainers It’s important to look good…but it’s also important to be practical!

Lush garden wedding venue in Spain.

What is the one item every girl should have in her wardrobe?
A unique denim jacket. I love the ones in our new collection as they are really eye-catching and fun, and they go with everything. It’s important to own something different to what your friends are wearing, something that can be worn day and night, all year around.

If you hadn’t got into fashion, what would have been your ideal job?
Along with fashion I also studied advertising and PR, but my dream job if money were no object would be to dedicate my life to rescuing abused dogs. I would love to do that forever.

Thank you Camy for all your great summer fashion tips. Now no one has any excuse for not looking fabulous when attending a beach wedding in Spain. Check out her new summer collection at, and don’t forget to claim your special Sunshine Weddings Spain discount!

Spanish bridal dress summer collection.