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Interview With Rebecca Davidson


A Wedding Photographer Based In Spain

Our wedding photographer interview recently with Rebecca Davidson James let her share thoughts about her first year working in Spain.

How did your first wedding’season in Spain go?

‘It was absolutely amazing, with all the different venues, from a hacienda in the Andalusian mountains to the old town in Marbella. I covered weddings at beachfront venues in Estepona, an old convent in Cadiz and even a castle in Malaga. I loved how the ceremony would sometimes be in a very different location from the cocktail hour or the wedding breakfast, which gave the guests a broader experience of the Spanish culture

What were your 2018 highlights?

Way too many to write here – wow! The bridal party that walked through old Marbella town to their venue for their reception, which ended up being the oldest home in Marbella. The wedding where the father of the bride had his BMW motorcycle driven from Ireland so he could do a shot with his daughter on the back of his bike. Another couple’s reception took place at a castle that overlooked Malaga city. I also loved being involved in a ‘trash the dress shoot’ two days after the couple’s wedding had taken place. That was a lot of fun.


Fun wedding photo captured by Rebecca Davidson.
Fun wedding photo captured by Rebecca Davidson.

Which are you favourite venues?

Ahhhhh, how do I answer this? They are all so amazing and yes, all very different. I love the Hacienda in Mijas because the one venue can be used for the entire wedding. It has a variety of spaces and I can take advantage of the different backdrops. I adore the castle in Malaga – who wouldn’t? I also absolutely love the private villa in Ojen with the gardens in the mountains and a stream running through it. Is that too many?

Can you pick your top 5 photos from 2018?

Yes I love the images of –

  • the bride and groom in Old Marbella, because the cobble stone streets and hanging bougainvillea add the perfect Spanish touches to this image,
  • the bride and groom in the castle at their reception, with the city of Malaga behind them. It looks like a scene out of a movie,
  • the couple coming down the old staircase in the hacienda, where the pops of colour really make this image,
  • the drone shot of the bride and groom lying on the beach for the fun “trash the dress” session. I would love to see this blown up and hung on the wall like a piece of art,
  • the motorcycle shot of the dad trying to ride off with his daughter. I think this captured the personalities of that wonderful family.


Bride & Bouquet Shot
Bride & Bouquet Shot by Rebecca Davidson.

Did any problems arise?

Sometimes when couples stay in Airbnbs the getting-ready shots can be tricky. Finding locations when they are in the middle of an old town or the countryside is certainly testing. So to avoid any issues, we always leave very early and if we arrive too early we can enjoy a latte before the wedding, close to the venue, and it puts us in a relaxed, non-stressed work mode.

How does it’differ working in Spain to working in The Cayman Islands?

The venues! The Cayman Islands is simply gorgeous, with white sand beaches and a crystal-clear sea, but Spain offers a huge variety of locations that make shooting weddings a dream. I love working in different locations, I can be in the mountains one day and then the next day I will be walking through the old town or maybe starting off at a modern villa ‘and then ending up at sunset on the beach. The other thing I love is even though it is hot here, in the evening it cools down so the receptions are a lovely temperature.

What do you like’about living in Spain?

I love the culture and the convenience of being able to travel easily between European cities. The kindness of the people here really touches me. Oh and the food – the wine, the cheese, it’s all divine. I love the tapas and churros ( I know I said food already, but these two things deserve to be singled out) I appreciate sleeping with our windows open and being able to ride a bike to the coast and meet local talent.

Do you have any funny stories from weddings in 2018?

I think my funniest story would be the time the wedding party was transferred from the ceremony via coach to the old town in Marbella. Due to the fact they couldn’t park, the entire wedding party and guests had to walk through the old town and everyone was moving aside to let them come through. The couple felt they were celebrities because at this point the crowd was clapping and cheering them.

Do you have a favourite moment from 2018?

There was a wedding in Nerja where the bride arrived by car and was waiting for the guests to be seated. During the wait, the crowd outside the church just got bigger and bigger. By the time the bride walked in there was a huge crowd and they all wanted to take her picture. The atmosphere was electric.

A Newly Married Couple
A Newly Married Couple

What will you do differently this year?’

Take more pictures

What are you looking forward to this wedding season?

Different venues that I will get to photograph. I am also looking forward to photographing the weddings of couples I have been chatting to during this year. I am getting so excited for their big day.

Two Children Dressed For A Wedding
Two Children Dressed For A Wedding