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Karting Marbella | Affordable pre-wedding day activities in Spain that guests will love


Are you looking for affordable, pre-wedding day activities in Spain that guests will love?

Sunshine Weddings Spain knows that a destination wedding in Spain, isn’t just about making sure things run smoothly on the day, rather it’s about offering support to all our bridal couples, from the very first e-mail exchange and throughout their entire wedding planning process, including organising fun leisure activities for you and your guests to come together.

Karting Marbella
Karting Marbella at Funny Hill.

Our full service planning implies anticipating your every need and we are always on the look-out for new and fun activities for you and your guests to enjoy, either before or after your big day, that will guarantee your wedding becomes extra special for everyone.

Today Sunshine Weddings Spain talks to Horacio Helmann, owner and founder of Funny Hill attractions in Marbella.

Karting Marbella
Horacio Helmann, owner and founder of Funny Hill attractions in Marbella.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy agenda to chat with us about Funny Hill and the evolution of the park since its inauguration in 2019, but first, tell us a little bit about yourself. I believe you have been in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years, is this correct?

Yes, that is correct, I first set up “Funny Beach” amusement park in 1993, an innovative park, the first of its characteristics in the whole of the Costa del Sol. It included a karting track, video games room, trampolines and novel hydraulic attractions for children.

Unfortunately in 2016 I was forced to halt the activities at Funny Beach due to lack in accordance with the City Council.

This didn’t, however, prevent me from continuing my career as an entertainment entrepreneur and after three years of searching for a new location, Funny Hill was born and has continued the line of Funny Beach, offering innovative activities to young and old on a site which also bestows panoramic views over the sea and mountains.

What is the most popular attraction at Funny Hill?

Without a doubt our 300metres karting track where we have karting activities for adults, children and also tandem karts. Our site has a capacity for 300 people and is equipped with sound and light installations.

.Karting Marbella
Funny Hill attractions in Marbella.

After the karting track, the next most popular attraction would have to be our virtual reality room which is where you can test your skills at car racing, space travel or laser sword combat.

Our other recreational spaces include a children’s playground with bumper cars, a children’s train, elastic beds and a bouncy castle.

Can wedding parties hire out the track exclusively?

Of course, in fact exclusive track rentals is something a lot of companies do at our site to encourage teamwork. But the track is also hired out for wedding parties, birthday parties and even hen nights and bachelor parties.

Karting Marbella
Party celebration organised at Funny Hill Marbella.

If you want to reserve the track for a private group, we recommend booking about a week in advance and we can organize competitions, consisting of semi-finals and finals, allowing the customer to choose how they want to develop the competition and we give out trophies and medals at the end.

In addition to the competition and rental opportunities, we have a 500m2 dining area, where our speciality on the menu is a typical Argentine-style barbecue.

Karting Marbella
Barbecue Party at Funny Hill Marbella.

In almost 30 years in the entertainment industry, do you have any anecdote that stands out?

Thanks to Funny Beach and now Funny Hill, I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people, but those that most stand out have to be Melanie Griffith together with Antonio Banderas who used to hire out the site for one night every summer, on the occasion of celebrating Melanie’s oldest son’s, Alexander Bauer, birthday.

We would close the park off every August 25, from 9pm to 3 am, especially for them.

I also taught Melanie’s daughter, Dakota Johnson, to drive a kart. She was about 6 years old at the time and said she would never forget the day because she had never driven a kart before and because I had taught her, which was super sweet of her.

Karting Marbella
Karting Marbella at Funny Hill.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings Spain, thank you for sharing that special story, Horacio, and for giving us an insight on the combination of adrenaline and emotion that wedding guests can expect at Funny Hill.

Karting Marbella
A fun-filled day at Funny Hill.