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Kosher Wedding Ceremonies In Spain


Kosher Wedding Ceremonies In Spain…

Kosher Weddings Spain
Kosher Weddings Spain.

Are you looking for a Kosher wedding in Spain? Are you looking for that magical formula of sunshine, spectacular scenery, a breathtaking venue, amazing food and a wedding planner that understands Jewish traditions and is licensed for Kosher catering? Then you are in luck, as Sunshine Weddings Spain has just been awarded a certification of Kashrut and will be working exclusively with the recent Michellin star awarded Marc Fosh catering on the island of Mallorca.

For thirteen years the Sunshine Weddings team has been planning and hosting kosher events and Jewish weddings for happy couples across Spain and the Balearic islands.

The team at Sunshine Weddings are really excited about our new venture into Mallorcan Kosher weddings. Director Scott Gibbons said, ‘our vision is to provide a facility where any Jewish person can attend a Kosher wedding in Mallorca, in the knowledge that the maximum level of supervision has been followed during the Kosher process, whilst delivering the highest quality of catering and tastes

The Sunshine Weddings team all have extensive knowledge in traditional Jewish customs, meaning that all our Jewish events flow with precision and are handled with the utmost care. Including respecting the following traditions…

Tish – an opportunity for the men to meet prior to the ceremony and have fun, while drinking whisky, singing and dance.

Bedeken – dating back to the time of Jacob marrying the wrong sister, it is customary before the ceremony for the Rabbi to lead the groom and fathers to the waiting bride and mothers, where the groom lifts the vale and checks that he is marrying the right bride.

Spanish Kosher Weddings

Jewish Weddings Spain

Jewish Weddings In Spain

Chupah – this elaborate canape , under which the Jewish couple marry, must have four corners to represent the home. The men of the wedding party (fathers and grandfathers) stand on one side and the mother/grandmothers stand on the female side.

Kosher Weddings In Spain

Horah – This is a traditional Israeli circle dance where all the males will dance together whilst the females will do the same. In recent years the males have created more dancing games as the images show is all about fun at a joyous occassion.

Sunshine Weddings Spain is proud to offer Kosher events and wedding in the South of Spain, Barcelona and now Mallorca. We do hope we will be able to offer you the magical formula for your unforgettable Jewish wedding too!