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Wedding Make-up Tips Spain


Wedding Make-up Tips; Getting Married In Spain…

Bridal preperations for a wedding in Spain.

One concern many brides have when organizing their wedding in Spain is how their make-up will look and feel.

As with any other country there are make-up artists available to assist with your wedding make-up trials and tribulations, however I thought it would be a good idea to speak to Liza Mayne who has a wealth of’experience working in Spain on various magazine photo shoots & fashion shows, and lends her hand to really understanding how our Sunshine Wedding Spain brides want to look on their wedding day.

Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Spanish bride.

As a bride who married in Spain I thought about the worries I had at the time of my wedding and spoke to Liza about them:

Is there a particular make-up you would recommend using if you get married in’a hot country like Spain?

“I predominantly use MAC make-up, depending on the coverage each bride requires I will often use either a tinted moisturiser or a very light foundation as apposed to a “full coverage” foundation which could make them feel more uncomfortable in the heat and make their skin perspire. It is extra important to use a good quality primer and powder, this will ensure your wedding make-up stays on all day and reduces the shine which may be caused by excess perspiration.”

Bridal Preparations
Bridal Preparations in Spain.

Can a bride request to use her own make-up on her wedding day?

“Of course having your make-up applied for your wedding day is a personal service, I like my brides to feel as comfortable as possible in the make-up they are wearing. If a bride prefers to use their own products I am more than happy to do so and will make the necessary recommendations regarding additional, or alternative products, so their make-up looks flawless on their wedding day in Spain”

How do you get wedding make-up to stay on all day especially in such a hot country like Spain?

“There are some great primers that help fix the foundation and on top I use MAC HD translucent powder that has a fixing agent ingredient. I also use MAC Face Fixer, a spray that holds everything in place. I can guarantee that it would last all night and have brides who can confirmed how great their pictures look even at the end of the night!!”

Natural bridal make up.

One of my biggest concerns was applying lipstick on my wedding day and if it would stay on; are their any tricks you could share with us?

The lipstick is the only product I cannot promise will stay on for the duration of the night because of eating and talking throughout your wedding day. I am personally not a fan of stay-on-lipsticks as they make the lips dry and can cause them to crack! I tend to recommend a lip gloss that can be applied throughout the day.”

Natural look, beautiful bride in Spain.

Is it better to have a more natural look or glamorous, what is the trend’with weddings abroad?

“When I first started in the business the trend was for a natural look, however fashion and wedding trends have changed especially weddings in Spain and brides are now opting for a more striking & glamorous look which appears better in their wedding photo’s complimenting their dramatic Spanish wedding backdrop “

Wedding make up in Spain.

Finally could you share with us your top tips for our brides getting married in Spain?

“1. Make sure you or your make-up artist concentrates on your eyes before the foundation to avoid eye make-up falling onto the’cheek and face and having to re-apply the foundation

2. Apply concealer over the foundation

3. When buying a new lipstick test it on the tip of your finger, this is the closest colour to your lips”