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Malaga Wedding Villa Caterer | The Dani Garcia Dining Experience


Culinary Celebration Magic with the Costa del Sol’s Michelin-starred Chef Dani Garcia.

Spanish cuisine has long been making waves in the gastronomic world, and with weddings being such a big business, naturally the demand for that level of foodie perfection to extend to a bridal couple’s special day, only continues to grow.

So we are extremely blessed here in this part of Spain (and, indeed, at Sunshine Weddings Spain) to work with a fabulous Marbella-based chef whose skills are unparalleled; whose creations leave taste buds tingling, and whose innovation is groundbreaking.

Dani Garcia is a local legend.

Dani Garcia, Costa del Sol's Michelin-starred Chef
Dani Garcia, Costa del Sol’s Michelin-starred Chef.

Dani has 2 Michelin stars and almost 20 years experience in the catering industry. He is truly top of his game in Andalucia – whilst also turning heads nationally and internationally – working with the inspiration of the Andalucian landscape, as well as the abundant and natural produce available in southern Spain to develop dishes worthy of global acclaim. In fact, ‘thinking globally and cooking locally’ has long been the chef’s mantra, and the extent of his worldwide travels really shines through in his repertoire, which fuses both effortlessly.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia

As well as owning a number of high-concept restaurants in Marbella (Puente Romano), Tarifa, and Madrid, Dani and his team have worked with countless couples over the years to deliver magical and memorable menus – whether that wedding feast is held in a hotel, or, as is becoming increasingly popular, a private wedding villa. Since Marbella and the surrounding areas are blessed with some of the most beautiful and elegant destination wedding venues to be found in the Mediterranean, Dani’s culinary vision really does translate perfectly to a more intimate celebration between family and friends.

A celebration as unique as a wedding.

A Creation by Chef Dami Garcia
A unique Spanish dish, by Chef Dani Garcia.

One of Dani’s unique traits is his talent for incorporating liquid nitrogen into his menus, elevating flavours to a whole new level. Dani is also the master of a term he dubs ‘contradiction cuisine’. He loves to experiment with textures, flavours, and the contrast of hot and cold. Nitro Tomato is perhaps his classic, and most referenced dish with good reason – ‘a good tomato is better than caviar,’ the chef has been known to exclaim. From the conception of this exquisite creation, Dani Garcia truly began to command the attention of the crème de la crème of the culinary critics.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
Special Spanish wedding tapas.

So what can those considering their wedding catering options in Spain typically look forward to sampling when it comes to a Dani Garcia menu?

Keep reading… you are in for a treat:

Gala Menus
There are currently four different types of Gala Menu available from the Dani Garcia Group; their world-class flavours and ingredients the ultimate in celebratory dining.

Wedding Menus
Likewise, four individually tailor-made, and tantilising wedding menus are available exclusively for wedding parties.

Food Stations
Perfectly balanced between cold, hot, drinks, and sweets – and offering guests a versatile selection of the highest quality – food stations are another exciting option available to wedding clients:

Cold stations feature Spain’s culinary delicacy, Iberian ham (with a master slicer), whilst raw fish bars provide the most elegant entree to a feast of fine dining. The Dani Garcia Cheese Bar is very popular too: the catering team can also supply a giant board of refined and cured cheeses – everything from cow’s and sheep’s milk, to goat’s cheese and mixed milk with an assortment of tempting accompanying nibbles.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
Mouthwatering creation by Spanish chef Dani Garcia.

But that’s not all…

Caviar and Oyster Bars make another decadent and stylish addition to the cold stations’ menus. An impressive and luxurious touch in keeping with the theme of the day.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
Original wedding tapas in Spain.

We LOVE that the chef’s infamous playfulness enhances the various wedding food stations with the distinction between ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’, which has been a constant thread throughout Dani Garcia’s culinary journey. The Hot Stations feature a World Barbeque Station; its array of mouth-watering meats and flavours a sumptuous banquet of bounty to wow the most discerning of family and friends.

The Bao Bun Bar is another winner in this area; a Bao Bun is an authentic bread, unique to Chinese cuisine, that can be filled with delicious meats and/or vegetables. It never fails to win over wedding guests.

Dani Garcia‘s burgers are famous throughout Spain, and the trademark Baby Burgers by DG (Dani Garcia) Bar is another extremely popular foodie stop at every wedding breakfast. This burger station perfectly compliments cocktail parties and leisurely meals with its interesting gastro combinations.

Finally, the Rice Station provides another great alternative for some delicious savoury dishes, with options in the form of dry, broth, creamy, or honeyed rice for some exclusive taste experiences.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
Seafood tapas in Spain.

Refreshments are taken care of courtesy of the Drinks Station. This comprises of a Heineken Bar, with limited edition bottles served on ice mountains… and a magical liquid Cocktail Bar, whose taste sensations will take the breath away.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
Colourful dish by Chef Dani Garcia.

Dessert comes into its own with the the chef drawing upon his Alice in Wonderland-esque menus of the past to create some amazing delicacies – as delicious to the eye as they are to the palate – at the Sweet Station. The DG team can also provide a Donuts Sugar Bar and an Ice Cream Bar, whose offerings are manna to those with a sweet tooth.

A Creation by Chef Dani Garcia
Alice in Wonderland inspired dessert.

What a fantastic feast!

We are beyond to be working with Dani Garcia and his team, and cannot wait to help dreams come true with some fairy-tale fine dining in the months and years to come.