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Marbella Wedding Jeweler | Luxury and Unique Pieces for Your Special Day


Marbella Wedding Jeweler: An Interview With The Spanish Specialists…

We have a beautiful and sparkly treat in store for you today! Sunshine Weddings Spain is honoured to talk to a very distinctive and well-established jeweler based in southern Spain; a company with a vision for stunning creations that celebrate the commitment of love:

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Marbella Wedding Jeweler.

How long has your Puerto Banus-based business been running and what is your USP in terms of the jewellery collections you offer?
We initially opened in January 2003, in a small premise in Puerto Banús that to this day is still part of our facilities. After several renovations and extensions, in 2015 a structural reform of the business was carried out, expanding its facilities and including a design workshop within.

Marbella jewelers
Marbella jewelers which offer a personalized service.


What sets us apart from other jewelers is that we offer a totally personalized service, since we control and manage the entire process of creating the pieces, from the design workshop to the craftsmen and goldsmith workshops.

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Marbella Wedding Jeweler with a design workshop.

Can you tell us more about the bespoke services you make? How long does it take (on average) to create a one-off piece for a bride or groom, from initial briefing through to finished product?
By offering a personalized service, it allows us to incorporate the client into the creative process. When we work on a engagement piece, the first thing is to listen to the bride and groom. Although it may seem trivial, this is very important to us and to the success of the piece. To know the taste and style of the person who is going to wear the jewel is crucial. Subsequently, the gems and shapes that best suit the personality of the bride and groom are selected and various designs are outlined on paper. Once the couple give their approval, the design is sent to our workshop where the hands of the most expert craftsmen work the pieces.

In terms of deadlines, the jewel could be finished in approximately 2 weeks.


Which bridal jewellery styles are you seeing a surge in demand for in recent years?
There is no doubt that the brilliant cut diamond continues to occupy the first place in terms of preferences, although other cuts and other gems such as emerald or sapphire are also popular, and, little by little, are gaining their place in the market. The trend lately is to accompany the solitaire with an arm set with smaller diamonds or with a halo around the main gem. We also see that engagement rings are giving way in favour of pendants with a large central stone.

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Unique wedding jewelry.

What are your favourite stones and metals when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, and why?
Without a doubt the brilliant cut diamond. This brilliant cut gives the jewel a classic essence. Although I also love not so classic cuts like marquise or pear shape that give it an original touch to the piece. Although white gold is the most demanded in engagement rings, lately we have made several rings using rose gold that gives a lot of warmth to the pieces.

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Elegant white gold ring.

What advice would you give to couples who are unsure as to the stone or metal that would best suit them/reflect their personalities/union?
It is a decision that requires time. It is a piece that reflects a very special moment in life, and therefore you should like it now and in 20 years.

But above all, I would recommend that you let yourself be advised by professionals, who can solve all possible doubts that may arise in terms of gems, sizes, designs…

Are your clients mainly based in Spain, or do you have an international clientele?
We have a very international clientele; English, Swedish, German, Belgian, Russian… ex-pats but who are settled or have a second residence in Spain. Most have been clients for decades, or new customers brought in by other clients.  This is our most valuable asset, our clients are our best publicity.

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Marbella Wedding Jeweler

What’s the most memorable and beautiful piece of jewellery you have ever created?
After 30 years dedicated to jewelry, it is impossible for me to select a single piece. I have really enjoyed the process of creating all of them. To name a few…

A pipe in yellow gold and black onyx set with vegetal motifs based on rubies and diamonds with touches of enamel.

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Elegant necklace.

The complete collection of Past and Present that are a series of pieces that perfectly combines old-cut and modern-cut diamonds in a design with a lot of movement, and set in white and rose gold. The mixture of both types of diamonds is spectacular.

One of our latest creations has been a multicoloured ring with different gems provided by our client. They were gems from different rings and pendants that she no longer used. The result has been spectacular, and the face of our client when seeing the ring was indescribable!

Stunning engagement ring.

Another unique piece was an engagement ring; a 4 carat solitaire of exceptional quality and color with several intertwined arms set with diamonds and sapphires. The bride loved it so much she phoned us on that day just to thank us.

What can we expect from your unique and stunning collections in 2021 and moving forwards?
The situation in 2020 has been tough and complicated. 2021 is going to be a very special year. Now we need to go out into the world again, to relate. We are working on very cheerful and striking collections. They are pieces that use very varied gems with a lot of versatility that allow them to be worn daily, to enjoy small pleasures at all times such as wearing a good jewel, a good design.

This has been a huge privilige! Many thanks indeed for allowing us a glimpse into your exquisite world and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Marbella Wedding Jeweler
Beautiful jewelry by Marbella Wedding Jeweler.