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Last Weeks Wedding Venues In Spain


Wedding Venues In Spain: Martina and Mark’s Three Day Event…


beach wedding venue in Marbella Spain
Martina & Mark’s wedding in Spain’s Marbella.

I have been so excited all week to share with you the details of Martina & Mark’s wedding in Spain last week. In true Sunshine Weddings Spain style the couple embraced their wedding celebrations like any bride and groom should who had made the decision to get married in Spain.

They pulled out all the stops and made sure their wedding guests were entertained and catered for throughout their 3-day event.

Wedding reception in Marbella Spain
The three-day wedding festivities started in Marbella.

The couple had chosen a number of wedding venues in Spain with different styles and themes to offer their guests a real taste of attending a wedding in Spain.

The festivities started in Marbella where the wedding group stayed in a great hotel located on the beach, near to the center of the town, and where they were able to take advantage of the special group rate that had been negotiated.

The first on the list of their wedding venues in Spain was the old town of Marbella. On the Thursday we arranged the exclusive use of a top terrace, and where guests enjoyed the finest selection of tapas including some wonderful Argentinean meats. Almost 100 wedding guests ate and drank together whilst seeing new and old friends for this welcome get together.

Roof terrace wedding setting in Marbella
Roof terrace wedding setting in Marbella.

The following day Mark and Gwen’s wedding day started with a complementary drink in the hotel bar before all the guests took a walk together through the streets, taking in the sights and sounds of this typical Spanish setting where they were to experience a religious catholic wedding in the church in Marbella old town. As the wedding party neared the church they could hear the sounds of a classical guitar accompanied by a violinist adding to this authentic wedding in Spain.

bride & groom getting married in Spain
The sounds of a classical guitar accompanied by a violinist adding to this authentic church wedding in Spain.

The church was breathtaking as was the bride and the service was truly magical.

To complete this part of their traditional Spanish wedding the Sunshine Weddings Spain team organized tapas and drinks in the courtyard next to the church before being whisked off to a surprise beach wedding venue.

tapas bar in Marbella old town
Tapas bar in Marbella old town.

The wedding party arrived by coaches and entered the secluded area on the beach and were greeted by Flamenco guitar music with more canapes and aperitifs to enjoy whilst taking in Martina & Mark’s wedding setting on the beach.

beach club wedding venue in Spain
Beach club wedding venue in Spain’s Marbella.

Everyone was truly wowed by the Mediterranean Sea and views of Morocco, and the Atlas mountains, whilst they enjoyed their 3 course wedding meal at this trendy and chic beach club wedding venue in Spain.

wedding dinner celebrations in Marbella
Wedding dinner celebrations in Marbella.

It was the week of the Summer Solstice so the light and sunset were beautiful and guests were able to dance long into the evening and enjoy this truly spectacular beach wedding venue.

Beach wedding venue in marbella
Celebratory drink at a stunning beach wedding venue in Spain’s Marbella.

The last stop on the list of the wedding venues in Spain was at Marbella Marina in a bar. The gathering took place the following day and guests were invited to join Martina & Mark for one final celebratory drink from 4pm. Soon after everyones arrival the party picked up and they all danced until late into the evening once again.

Congratulations Martina & Mark & thank you so much for allowing us to organize such a fun packed and diverse wedding where all your guests got to enjoy so many different wedding venues in Spain.

Sunshine Weddings Spain with bride & groom
Sunshine Weddings Spain with Bride & Groom.