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Styling Tips – Brides Getting Married In Spain


Styling Tips II: Brides Getting Married In Spain…

Pre-wedding preparations in Spain.

Welcome to part two of this weeks blog which covers some great hair and make-up tips from Lorraine from Princess-Bride who takes time out to talk to the Sunshine Weddings Spain team about how a bride, getting married in Spain, should prepare for her big day.

There are so many looks to choose from – can you provide any advice on what styles a bride should consider and why?

When a bride decides she is getting married in Spain she usually chooses her dress before her hair and makeup artist in Spain. Most times her personal taste in fashion and her character will decide on the dress that makes the cut. The dress will determine the hair. vintage suits vintage hairstyles. Lace is classic and therefore almost always requires an up-style. Lace is so detailed, it’s best to keep the hairstyle simply beautiful. Sometimes less is more. Modern hairstyles suit modern Wedding Dresses.

Bridal hair & makeup in Spain.

Should you always have a trial if you are getting married in Spain, if so why?

If you have the time to do it yes. If you are concerned about how the makeup will feel on your skin on the day, worried about your hairstyle or makeup lasting, then definitely yes. A trial is to try the style you want, try the makeup and test the claims I make about its abilities. Meeting me and experiencing a trial makeover puts so many brides’ minds at ease for their big day. : )

Bride getting married in Spain.

If a bride doesn’t like her hair and make up what should she do?

Say so immediately so corrections can be made. This shouldn’t happen though if a bride can show clearly her style ideas and the artist can execute it!’To avoid this, try a few quick styles with your hairdresser at home to determine if a hair up, to the side, up high, down low, half up half down or down style will suit you. Your trial time for your Wedding in Spain is precious and may be a one time only occasion before your big day! If you’re unsure as to the style you want, try a few at home and narrow your selection down to a maximum of 2 styles.

Asian hair and makeup in Spain.

Before you start a brides hair and make up, if they are getting married in Spain, what information do you need as a wedding stylist in Spain to make sure you can do your job properly?

Images are really important. They show me what a client wants, what hair length and type they have. It’s so much better than a description. It’s important I see what you want so I can produce a style you can be thrilled with on the day.

Wedding hairstyles for your wedding in Spain.

What should a bride, especially who is getting married in Spain, do to prepare her skin and hair before her big day?

  • Highlights should be done a couple of weeks before the big day.
  • Cleansing facials 4-6 weeks before particularly if your skin has a tendency to breakouts.
  • Exfoliate (action which removes surface dead skin cells) at least 3-5 times a week to clear skin of dead skin cells, refine skin surface, improve circulation and oxygen to the skin surface, and encourage absorption of your moisturiser.
  • Clean hair. The night before or the morning of your wedding in Spain DO NOT USE ANY SPECIAL SHAMPOO’S
  • Spray tan or everyday bronzing body lotion to build up a tan…this prepares the melanin in the skin for the Spanish sun.
  • Wear strapless tops…strap marks are a big no no with certain neck lines and strapless dresses.
  • A hat to protect the forehead, nose and chin from sunburn…oh, and of course, sun protection on feet, legs, arms, back chest, neck and face.
How to look good at your wedding venue in Spain
Bridal preparations at a Spanish wedding.

A huge thanks to Lorraine from Princess-Bride for sharing her expertise. If you have any questions relating to your wedding hair and make-up and are planning on getting married in Spain why not get in contact with one of the Sunshine Weddings Spain team and they will be happy to put you in touch with Lorraine.

Beach wedding hair & makeup in Spain.