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Paul & Elidh’s Seaside Wedding Testimonial


Paul & Elidh’s Seaside Wedding Testimonial…

Luxury beach club in Spain’s Marbella.

Recently we shared with you Paula and Elidh’s amazing wedding by the sea at our prestigious Marbella beach club venue. The couple were so happy with their special day that they sent us this letter. We were moved to tears…thanks guys!

Flower decor at a beachside wedding venue in Spain.

Dear Sunshine Weddings Spain Team

My wife and I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and putting up with us in general. I hope we were not too annoying for you with all our constant questions. However, you have been excellent and you organised a very fluent and amazing wedding for us. It was truly something very very special.

Exclusive beach club wedding venue in Spain’s Marbella.

I don’t have enough time to give you all the feedback from our family and friends, but the overall opinion from everyone was WOW!! Both the beach club and the villa we stayed in were amazing venues. The food at the wedding and our post-wedding pool party were top top quality and everything else just went so smoothly.

The week after our wedding was so strange, we missed getting your emails and planning the day. It’s been a tremendous come down since coming home.

We would really like to wish you all the best for the best of 2016.

Traditional church wedding in Southern Spain.

It’s messages like this one that make being a wedding planner in the south of Spain on of the best jobs in the world. What a fabulous wedding and a great couple. Wishing you a very happy 2016 too, Paul and Elidh!

Night view of a beach club wedding venue in Southern Spain.