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Perfect Wedding Veil In Spain


Deciding which veil to wear is an important part in creating your overall wedding day look. Follow our top tips for finding the perfect wedding veil in Spain for your gown…

Lace veil on a beautiful Spanish bride.


The length of the veil should always be an afterthought to the chosen hair style as the final hair style will not only guide what length the veil should be, but also help to decide the position of the veil.

Spanish Wedding veil.


If your hair tone is cool, then a white veil will look fantastic, however if you have a warmer hair colour like a deep brunette, then try opting for a shade such as oyster.


A chignon is a fantastic style option as the hair is secure and firmly dressed in place. It has much more longev-ity than blow-dried hair which can easily drop over time.

Happy bridal couple in Spain.


Veil placement should be decided once a hair style has been selected and tried out. The style of dress will also have a bearing. Front: Shorter styles and chignons are great when you’re working with a tiara. Crown: Half up half down.
Back: If the veil is to be worn as more of an overall look, it looks excellent when placed behind the tiara.

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Elegant Spanish bride.


In order to fix the veil into a down do, you’ll need to work a braid, plait or hidden braid into the hair style to give the fixing comb something to be anchored onto. Sewing the veil onto a braid is also an option.


We would always advise that the bride asks a member of the bridal party to help with the removal of the veil. Be very gentle and use a very fine, long, straight pin to ease the hair away from the fixing comb to limit any damage.

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Breathtaking Spanish wedding veil.