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Romantic sunsets in Spain’s Mallorca | 5 sunset hotspots in paradise


Romantic sunsets in paradise, a time to relax and slow down time, to cuddle up with your loved one and admire nature’s beauty.

Romantic sunsets in Spain’s Mallorca | 5 sunset hotspots in paradise
Romantic sunsets in Spain’s Mallorca.

Watching a breathtaking sunset never gets old and in today’s feature article, Sunshine Weddings Spain checks out the five best places to catch the sunset in Mallorca.

Sunsets are a magical time of day wherever you find yourself in the world, but on the magical island of Mallorca, with its the spectacular Tramuntana mountain range and countless picturesque bays, means that there are many jaw-dropping places to catch the sun going down.

In fact, if you’re visiting Mallorca with a loved one, there’s no better time of the day to make a grand gesture, pop the question or simply say “I love you.”

Some of the following places to watch the sunset in Mallorca are a bit remote or require some effort to reach, the good news—it means you’re more likely to get the view to yourselves.

Stunning sunset in Serra de Tramuntana in Spain’s Mallorca.
  1. Sa Foradada – Deia

Sunsets viewed from Sa Foradada are truly spectacular, a place which boasts to have not only one of the best sunsets in Mallorca, but of the world.

Its secluded, rustic setting, set right in the Serra de Tramuntana, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, overlooks the amazing rock formation of ‘Na Foradada’ and wide open sparkling Mediterranean sea gives the perfect backdrop to the stunning explosion of golden light that baths the area each day.

The viewpoint has, in recent years, become a popular spot for marriage proposals and weddings thanks to its breathtaking sunset location. A must visit if on the island.

There is also a Chiringuito located on the cliff’s edge which hosts chill out sessions every Sunday through the summer season, and with a glass in hand, you have the perfect setting to toast the end of another glorious day in Mallorca.

Sunsets viewed from Sa Foradada are truly spectacular, a place which boasts to have not only one of the best sunsets in Mallorca, but of the world.
Sunsets viewed from Sa Foradada are truly spectacular.
  1. Sunset in the bay of Pollença

Here, when the sun casts the last of its golden rays at the end of the day, the sky is set ablaze making the scenery in Port de Pollença extremely breathtaking.

Stroll around the dock and take in the silhouette of the yachts anchored in the bay as the water shimmers in the dusk light.

As the sun sinks below the sea, and the sky turns to hues of orange, pink and red, it’s time to remain in the area with your loved one, make the most of the glorious setting and spend the evening in one of the marina’s first class restaurants, while looking out to the incredible views.

Sunset in the bay of Pollença
Sunset in the bay of Pollença, Mallorca.
  1. Far Cap Gros Lighthouse

The island is home to around 14 lighthouses, which form a part of Mallorca’s history. From each you can witness some of the best panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. But perhaps one that stands out for its unmatched views to the entire Bay of Soller and the port, is Far Cap Gros, located 120 metres above sea levels, perched right on the cliff of the same name, Cap Gros, in Soller.

A place that is never too crowded, ideal for a moment of intimacy with your loved-one whilst you watch the sun go down setting the sky alight with a glow of colour.

Far Cap Gros Lighthouse at dusk.
  1. Galilea

Nestled within the majestic Tramuntana mountains, sits the picturesque village of Galilea, a charming place to watch the sunset over the forests. With surrounding panoramas of rustic buildings, verdant green fields and a view in the background of the ocean, watching the sun go down behind the horizon is simply enchanting.

the picturesque village of Galilea,
The picturesque village of Galilea.
  1. Sunset boat trip

Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the island and the magic of a sunset surrounded by shimmering blue sea by enjoying a sunset catamaran cruise.

Most sunset catamaran cruises will offer a moment to sunbathe or swim before dropping anchor, where you will be served a buffet dinner before the spectacular evening light show begins, where you can sit back and enjoy one of the best experiences of your life.

Luxuary yatch based in Mallorca the perfect setting to spend a special day with your nearest and dearest.