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Bride Chooses Villa Wedding In Spain


Villa Wedding In Spain…

Lisa & Simon's wedding in Spain
Lisa & Simon’s wedding in Spain.

When the man you have always loved finally asks you to spend the rest of your life with him your thoughts & conversation instantly turn to your wedding day.

That’s exactly what happened when Simon asked Lisa to marry him, both of them knew that they had to have a wedding in Spain but totally unsure of which destination to choose from.

Mijas wedding in Spain
Mijas wedding in Spain.

After having spent many holidays in the Costa Blanca they loved the idea of having their wedding in Spain and through their searches they realized that in order to have their dream wedding in Spain, set in a traditional Spanish village yet with a wedding venue to suit their style they would need to travel to southern Spain.

One week-end they took a trip to the Costa del Sol where they met Scott, from Sunshine Weddings Spain, and embarked on their complimentary venue finding tour. They visited around half a dozen venues but nothing seemed to fit the vision they had until they made an unscheduled stop to a Hacienda tucked away in Mijas; a stunning rural village with a traditional feel that has maintained its Spanish charm.

Hacienda wedding venue in Spain
Hacienda wedding venue in Spain.

The Hacienda is an exclusive wedding venue in Spain that offers the most fantastic scenery with views of the countryside and set on an estate which offers great spaces for any wedding. Offering the best of both worlds the Hacienda and Mijas are set in the countryside but also only 5 minutes from the beach and local amenities.

Garden villa venue in Spain
Garden villa venue in Spain.

This amazing wedding venue in Spain was the answer to Lisa’s wedding dreams, getting married in a truly traditional country Spanish setting and being able to add her own vintage theme to her special day.

vintage themed table plan in Spain
Vintage themed table plan in Spain.

To welcome their guests and to take advantage of being so near to the beach they hosted a paella party, guests ate and laughed on the beach until the early hours of the morning getting to know each other before Lisa & Simon’s big day.

bride waiting to have her wedding in Spain
Bride waiting to have her wedding in Spain.

Lisa’s magical wedding in Spain began one late afternoon in July when the sun started to cool. As she was getting ready she reflected on her journey with Simon; they had been great friends for many years but parted company and had now finally rekindled their love and were soon to be getting married in the Hacienda villa wedding venue in Spain.

flamenco guitarist at wedding in Spain
Flamenco guitarist at a wedding in Spain.

Their wedding ceremony took place in front of their friends and family. Played in by a flamenco guitarist and combined with Lisa’s personal vintage touches her Spanish themed wedding came to life.

This was truly a romantic and wonderful love story where the bride and groom had their wedding in Spain & lived happily ever after.

Romantic wedding in Spain
Romantic wedding in Spain.