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Sax player for your wedding in Spain’s Costa del Sol | Exclusive interview with in-demand wedding musician


As an example of how a Sax player can work for your wedding day in Spain, read on and enjoy today’s feature article where we discover more about in-demand Wedding Saxophonist based in Marbella, Maikel Cespedes.

Maikel Cespedes: Sax player for your wedding in Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Originally from the Caribbean island of Cuba, Maikel first picked up the sax at the age of 9 where he started studying saxophone in his home country. Making his way crossing several levels of musical education, he finally graduated from the conservatory Esteban Salas, Santiago de Cuba.

We recently met up with Maikel and found out more about his musical talent…

Maikel playing the sax at an outdoor event in Spain.
Maikel’s story

I studied saxophone for many years at the conservatory Esteban Salas, Cuba. After my graduation, I had the honour of playing with renowned Cuban artists and I also had my own musical group. Music in Cuba, in our culture, has a very important place.

I am currently, however, based on the Costa del Sol, Marbella, working as a solo saxophonist and for some private events, depending on the time of work, I play saxophone combined with some musical DJ sets which I adjust according to the atmosphere and the audience.

Classic black & white photo of sax player Maikel.
Musical Style

I would define my musical style as a fusion of different musical genres such as pop, electronic music, salsa, bachata, reggae, etc… influenced also by different cultures for all types of audiences that I constantly update.

This is something that I have been doing for years, broadening my musical style by acquiring experiences from different cultures and artists and reflecting this through my art.

Maikel playing the sax at a typical hacienda in Spain.

What I like the most about performing at weddings is that it is a unique day for the bridal couple, and my greatest pleasure is to leave an unforgettable memory for the bride and groom. I always try to make sure that my music touches people’s hearts.


I am a music lover and I love the diversity of styles, that is where I find my inspiration rather than in individual musicians.

Maikel doing a sax and DJ set.
An unforgettable moment

One day, I was playing in a restaurant, and during my performance one of the customers asked his girlfriend to marry him. A year later, I ended up being the saxophonist at their wedding. It was a truly magical story to be part of.

As the sax is an instrument that can be carried and played acoustically it allows saxophonists flexibility with regards to where they can go, making it easy to animate the wedding party by  mingling between them when performing. Additionally, a sax can literally be played at any part of a wedding day offering moments of mellower background music to more upbeat dance music.

A huge GRACIAS to Maikel Cespedes for sharing his story with us, we particularly love the unforgettable moment and hope to share more of them together in the future.
Maikel performing at a fashion show in Spain.