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Scrumptious Churros for your Wedding day in Spain | Interview with a Spanish artisan churro maker


Chocolate and Churros a classical Spanish treat at your wedding feast…

Delicious churros at a wedding in Spain.

From a humble fried dough to one of the most iconic Spanish foods, they say that churros are breadsticks that dared to dream.

The simple combination of flour, water, and a pinch of salt, gives way to one of the most recognisable icons of Spanish gastronomy.

This simple, mouthwatering Spanish doughnut treat will wow your guests at any special occasion as Sunshine Weddings Spain discovers during our exclusive interview with artisan churro maker Javier Ángel Alarcón Vázquez.

Churro maker Javier Ángel Alarcón Vázquez at a wedding in Spain.

Thank you, Javier, for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk about churros and weddings.

I believe you’re not from a traditional ‘Churrero’ family, how did the idea of setting up your own churro-making enterprise occur to you?

I was originally working for my brother-in-law in his greengrocer shop, when a friend of mine informed me that he knew someone who was looking for a churrero (churro maker) for his bar and, without any prior experience, but with passion to work and learn, I volunteered.

The bar owner had the patience to teach me and, 11 years later, here I am, with my own churro bar, Churreria Reme, in Cartama and taking my authentic Malagueño Churros to weddings and events all over Andalucia.

Innovative churros with different toppings.

What’s a typical day for you?

My day starts at 5am when I wake to go to my Churreria and start preparing the dough for the day.

The ingredients are simple enough, a combination of flour, water, and a pinch of salt, plus the oil used to fry them in, but I strive to work with 100% ingredients from Malaga province, and thanks to this my products are now under the “sabor a Malaga” brand.

The promotional brand Malaga flavour showcases the value of the food industry in the province, there are plenty of local products that dazzle the senses and it’s an honour to have my churros included in their list.

Typical Malaga churros.

My churreria then opens at 7:30am and remains open until noon. Pre-covid, my bar, which only serves churros and chocolate, would open seven days a week. Now, however, I only open on the weekends, working back at my brother-in-law’s greengrocer during week days.

What gave you the idea to offer your churros at weddings and do you add anything special or different to the churros you serve at weddings?

Typically bridal couples in Spain have a chocolate fountain and a sweet bar at their weddings for an after-meal snack. I had never seen churros served at a wedding, which is slightly ironic as churros is what everyone eats here in Andalucia after partying till the early hours, they make a great meal to soak up the alcohol.

I realised there was an unfulfilled demand, especially with the older wedding guests, and took the initiative to cover it, and now churros are fast becoming a real hit with all guests at any wedding.

Elegant wedding churro stall.

I don’t offer or do anything special at weddings, except perhaps dress up a bit more elegantly and decorate my stall with fairy lights, but the actual product is the same that you can find at my bar.

I offer different types of churros, the authentic Malagueño Churros, specifically called “Tejeringos” where the tubes of dough are joined to form an out of shape circle or “teardrop” shape as well as churros filled with cream or chocolate.

So when a wedding cliente comes to Churreria Reme for a pre-wedding tasting, they know that the product I will serve on their special day is exactly the same as I served to them at my bar.

Night view of a churro stall at a spanish wedding.

As churros at weddings is a relatively new initiative, what do wedding guests say to you when they see you there?

I’m always met with happy smiles and I would say that 80% of the weddings I’ve gone to led to work at other weddings.

I offer a paid service, but the personal satisfaction when a wedding guest or the bridal couple themselves tells me how tasty the churros is priceless.

Nutella-flavoured churros.

Any amusing antics that has happened to you at a wedding?

Nothing particular comes to mind, though I do remember one weekend where I covered 6 events in less than 48 hours, between Malaga, Sevilla and Granada and by the end of the weekend I didn’t know what day it was, let alone what time or where I was!

With such a busy schedule, do you have time for any hobbies?

Not hobbies as such, but in between keeping up with trends in the churro world and marketing, I make sure to spend quality time with my family.

Churros served at a wedding in southern Spain.

Any new projects in mind for this year, 2021?

I’d like to invest in new machinery including a bigger hot-chocolate maker as well as create a new webpage, but specifically I’m ready and excited to start working at weddings again and introduce one of my new, star products, the churro-pizza, a churro dough-based pizza with kit kat, nutella or kindle toppings.

Churro maker, Javier, at a Spanish wedding.