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Spanish Villa Wedding


Spanish Villa Wedding: Sarah and Andrew’s Celebration in the Sun…

Sarah and Andrew recently got married in an idyllic villa venue on the Costa del Sol, and we are thrilled to talk to them about some of the highlights of that process with Sunshine Weddings in today’s article. A big thank you to such a lovely couple for sharing their thoughts!

The wedding ceremony
The wedding ceremony.
Spain is a wonderfully romantic place for a wedding, and every couple has a very different backstory when it comes to their decision to get married here. Why did you choose the Costa del Sol for your special day?

I have been travelling to Benalmadena for 20 years. My dad had a boat in the port there and we holidayed there, then my dad decided to move to Spain. As Spain has always been a big part of mine and my children’s lives, I would never have got married anywhere else. I adore the place, and the weather – for one – is a big part of a bride’s day! Well, it was for me…

The bride and groom
The bride and groom.
How did you first hear about the Sunshine Weddings team?

I first found Sunshine Weddings in a magazine that a wedding planner gave me at a Spanish hotel. I looked to have my wedding there, but on flying back to the UK, I read this magazine from cover to cover. It had features on villa weddings, and then Sunshine Weddings were mentioned in there. As soon as I landed I emailed them, and then spoke to Susie who was very responsive. When we finally flew back to Spain to meet Scott, we were really impressed with him, and we carried on from there. They have been fantastic from start to finish, we’re very pleased.

The villa makes for such a dreamy, fairy-tale wedding backdrop. Did you know as soon as you saw it that it was The One?

Yes we did. We only looked at that villa – we fell in love with it.

The stunning villa gardens and pool
The stunning villa gardens and pool.
How long did it take you to plan your wedding, from initial chats with the wedding planning team through to the Big Day?

It was one year of planning.

What were your guests’ first impressions of the villa, and did you and your bridal party build in extra time either side of the wedding to enjoy sunny Andalusia?”

Yes, our guests were really impressed with the villa. They did not expect it to be as big and as lovely as it was. No we didn’t build in any extra time – we didn’t really have the time, however we have mostly all seen the views as we have been coming to Spain for many years!

The beautiful bride in her gown
The beautiful bride in her gown.
Can you tell us a little about your bridal gown, Sarah?

I adored my gown, so did everyone else. The bodice was strapless and the skirt included intricate lace design on the top layer and a very pale ballet pink on the bottom layer.

Did you include a specific theme to the day, or choose to decorate the venue to create a certain ambiance?

No theme, just a nice and relaxed not-over-the-top ambiance…

Flowers play an important part in embellishing every bride’s dress. How easy was it to organise that side of things with the Costa del Sol-based florist?

Shona the florist was great, and it was all done via email. She was so very easy to work with. I saw my flowers only on the day of the wedding and they were stunning.

Bride and groom
Majestic villa wedding in Spain.
May we ask what was on your delicious wedding menu?

We had canapes and a buffet with fish, steak, chicken and pork. It was perfect!

We’d love to know what the cake tasted like…!

Our cake was vanilla buttercream on the bottom layer and chocolate orange on the top. It was amazing.

There are so many options when it comes to evening entertainment; from DJs through to musicians. How did you decide to extend the day’s celebrations?

We had a Spanish guitarist in the day and a DJ for the evening.

wedding musician
Wedding musician stumming a guitar.

It sounds like the perfect end to a perfect day. And on that note, we wish our brilliant bridal couple all the very best for a long and happy marriage!