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An Interview with the Costa del Sol’s Epic Wedding DJ Fuller…

We are hugely excited to showcase one of southern Spain’s top DJs in today’s blog. When it comes to the entertainment side of a wedding, a well-established professional DJ is hard to beat, and the very best way to get the party started once the formalities of the day are over. And the legendary DJ Fuller is one such artist who never fails to deliver:

How long have you been DJing and which artists are your inspiration?
I have been DJing for nearly two decades now. As for my inspiration within the music business, it has to be Toploader’s Rob Green, who taught me how to turn a way of life into a viable way of earning money with little compromise. In the DJ industry, any artist who really knows what they’re doing will rock the crowd and vary up the music. (I like to steal a little bit from everyone!).

In my life away from music, my parents and my partner have been a massive inspiration. They have always been there for me and I feel very blessed to have the people I do around me.

DJ Fuller
Spanish DJ Fuller
How did you get into providing wedding entertainment and how long have you been specialising in that on the Costa del Sol?
I grew out of performing in the same bars and clubs every night to the same crowd, so tried my hand at weddings and, after realising it wasn’t all about playing YMCA  and Agadoo, I got into it full-time.
Do you have a typical wedding set of songs? How easy is it for a couple to tailor make their playlist with you?
With weddings, it’s a different location, different crowd, and different party every night of the week. Every couple is unique, and every wedding is unique, so I attune to the vibe on the night to judge what I’ll play. Of course I will also request a few suggestions from the couples to get an idea of the style they like.

Most memorable wedding locations and parties in Spain?
For a location in Spain I’d have to say Mallorca. The weddings I have performed at on the island always have a great vibe about them, and the bridal couple will usually book a pool party for the second day, which is always really memorable.

DJ Fuller
Spanish wedding DJ

How do you get EVERYONE up on the dance floor? Which songs always guarantee a crowd?
Now if I told you that it would be like McDonalds giving away their secret ingredient! One tip I will share is to make sure there are not too many chairs around the dance area. If there’s nowhere for anyone to sit, they have no choice but to dance…

How quickly do you tend to get booked up?
People usually book me up two years in advance.

What are the typical challenges when working with Spanish wedding venues during high season, and how do you overcome them?
Up until now (and totally overlooking the pandemic!) I haven’t come across any challenges with wedding venues, with the exception of the heat in the middle of the season.

DJ Fuller
Wedding DJ in Spain.

What do you love most about your job?
Other than achieving my dream of being able to live from solely DJing, I love being able to travel the world to perform. Along with the feeling I get when people have chosen me and my music to enjoy, and dance to, I love that connection between musician and listener. When done correctly it can change the individual and audience for the better.

It’s been absolutely fascinating getting a glimpse into your world, DJ Fuller! The Sunshine Weddings Spain team thanks you very much, and we look forward to many more high vibe wedding nights with you providing your musical magic in the months and years ahead…