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Spanish Wedding Entertainment: Marbella Wedding Singer Talks To Sunshine Weddings Spain…

One of the best things about getting married in the south of Spain, aside from the option of glorious venues, amazing weather and great food, is that you’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment.

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Since the days of the Rat Pack, Marbella has been the Mecca for top singers and performers wanting to share their music among the glitz and glamour of Spain’s most famous sunshine resort. Which means, those choosing to get married on the Costa del Sol are guaranteed the very best music to kick off their celebrations.

Today we are speaking to singer Tom Rust. Tom has performed at a number of prestigious, worldwide events and is an experienced and flexible performer, offering a variety of musical styles – from jazz and lounge, to big band and old classics. We found out all about his musical journey and why he loves to work in the south of Spain.

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Hi Tom, thanks for chatting to us today. You’ve performed in the VIP suite of the Beijing Olympics, the FA cup finals at Wembley, sold out the Albert Hall and performed at the Monaco Grand Prix. Why do you also choose to sing at weddings?

Singing at the most intimate of events, such as a wedding where two people are committing themselves to one another, is a real joy. Everybody is there to celebrate this new union of two souls coming together, and everyone is happy and full of love – so it’s a real honour to sing/DJ for them. Despite having sung at some amazing events, there’s nothing more grounding than singing at a wedding.

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You’re the only male vocalist to ever receive the Marion Montgomery Award at the Jazz Divas Festival in Ventnor, Isle of Wight. That is some accolade. How did you begin your musical journey?

When l was 11 years old l started playing the euphonium at school. I didn’t really take to this big, old, silver thing, however I did like the look of the saxophone. l got hold of an alto sax and by the age of 13 l had my first residency on Morcombe pier playing in a big band. We performed tunes from the 40’s – Glen Miller, Charlie Barnet etc. From there l ended up playing tenor sax, which l still play today, and then started singing at around the age of 15. I’ve come a long way, but there is still so much to learn.

It’s clear you love your job and have had some fantastic opportunities. Is there anything you still want to achieve in your career?

I would like to finish my latest record – a duet with celebrated British jazz pianist John Horler. I’ve been picking up this project and putting it down for two years now, so I’m looking forward to finishing it. So far it sounds beautiful. John is an amazing pianist, a UK “Bill Evans” if you like.

I would also like to sing in Tokyo. One of my early recordings on “Mo Wax” had reasonable success there, and with my next record due out soon l hope to be able to go.

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What are the three most important things you think a bridal couple need to bear in mind when choosing their performer for their special day?

  1. If you can meet your intended performers, even if it’s only a Skype call, then do it. It’s important to get a feel for who you might be working with on such a personal day.
  2. If you are booking a DJ, it’s always helpful if you can give the DJ a playlist. Not necessarily a running order of every tune, but the more info you give them the better job he/she will do for you. Especially if there are particular mixes that have a special meaning to you. Also, mp3’s for obscure and hard-to-get tunes are always welcome If you’re stuck for a playlist or not sure what to play, and you haven’t sent out your wedding invitations yet, why not ask your guests on the wedding invite? Get them to complete a sentence such as – “I will dance myself dizzy if the DJ plays…”
  3. Don’t be afraid to let them know beforehand that if you think they are playing too loud or too quietly, they may need to adjust their playing levels accordingly. It’s not often people hire singers, musicians and DJ’s, so it’s important to know they will follow direction.
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And lastly, you split your time between the UK and Spain. How easy is that? Are there any drawbacks – or do you get to enjoy the best of both worlds?

I feel like l get to have my cake and eat it, to be honest. I am a very lucky man.

To find out more about Tom Rust, and the other great wedding performers and musicians we work with, get in touch with our team at Sunshine Weddings Spain. We know how to make sure your wedding day and party is remembered for many years to come!