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Spanish Wedding Hair Styling Expert: An Interview with Bridal Hairdresser, Flavia…

Brides-to-be have so many exciting choices nowadays when it comes to the perfect wedding day hair! Whether you are looking for a classic look, something to elevate your everyday style, or a head-turning, take-your-breath-away, wow factor effect, we have you covered with today’s top tips from Flavia, one of the Costa del Sol‘s hair styling experts:
Flavia, hair stylist
Flavia, hair stylist.
How long have you been styling hair for weddings on the Costa del Sol?
I have been living on the Costa del Sol for almost 11 years, and I’ve been doing wedding hair for 10 years.
Can you tell us a little about your background training and what inspired you to choose this career?
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by and attracted to the beauty industry. I loved designing clothes for my dolls and practising endless hairstyles. When I was 22 I decided to pursue my dream to become a hairdresser, and attended hairdressing school to gain my qualifications.
Flavia, hair stylist
Bridal hair by Flavia.
Fashion is constantly changing. What are the big trends at the moment for bridal hair, and which bridal looks are you regularly being asked to create for your clients?
Every year I do a 3-day course to be sure I am kept in the loop with the newest hairstyles and trends. New ideas are normally set by the Russian hairdressers, and I find them a huge inspiration. These fresh ideas combined with the bride’s vision can result in wonderful things.
What are your favourite bridal hairstyles?
I don’t have a favorite. I have endless favorites styles! I love a boho chic up-do with plaits as much as a full glam look. I get carried away when it comes to hair ideas!
Flavia, hairstylist
A bridal couple in Spain.

Do you work alone or do you have a team assisting you?
I work alone at the moment, but I used to work as part of a team. I’m happy to work either way…

How about bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride hairstyles? How do you ensure that these compliment the bride?
I would usually suggest incorporating the same style of hair accessories or flowers so that bridesmaids and mother compliment the bride.
Flavia, hairstylist
Bridal preparations.

How do you work with clients who want to take a risk and wear their hair differently, but are unsure about the exact style they would like on their special day? Do your brides tend to visit you for a hair styling trial, even when they live abroad?
There’s always a way to meet in the middle in these scenarios. I suggest some of my ideas but always respect the bride’s wishes. This is the exact reason why most brides opt for a hair styling trial. I always suggest we try out a couple of hair styles so everything goes to plan on their special day.

Flavia, hairstylist
Beautiful bridal hair by Flavia.
The heat can play havoc with beauty in Spain! What are your go-to, tried and tested hair products that ensure everything will stay in its place and your brides will look perfect from dusk until dawn?
I have many favourite and brilliant products: Osis anti-frizz and shine serum, Olaplex No 7 for heat protection, L’Oreal ultra strong hairspray for an iced finish, Osis sugar coat on wet hair for long-lasting curls, Osis root powder for perfect back combing and volume, Osis root volume serum applied on wet hair, and Osis miracle 15 for perfect up-dos.
Flavia, hairstylist
Princess wedding hair style.
Talk us through a typical working wedding day from start to finish…
I arrive at the venue and set to work immediately, reassuring the bride (and her bridesmaids) that the day will go as planned. Next we go to the set up room for hair and makeup. We’ll talk through the hairstyles we’ve chosen for the bridesmaids one last time. Typically, I will then pin curls on the bride’s hair first so she is free (for the moment!) and then I will return to her last so her hair is given its all-important final tweaks. The next step is to start preparing the bridesmaids’ hair, styling and getting to know each other. If I’m required to style the mother-of-the-bride’s hair, then this will usually happen just before I return my attention to the bride.
And finally, the pièce de résistance: the bride’s hair. I always allow plenty of extra time for this very important task. As the bride is getting dressed, I also apply the veil with the assistance of a bridesmaid, giving her instructions about how to remove it later.
Making sure everyone is happy with my work is crucial, as is wishing everyone a lovely day.
Flavia, hairstylist
Bridal preparations for the bridesmaids.
What are your favourite memories from some of the weddings you have worked at?
Getting on so well with the bride that I’ve been asked to stay for the wedding! That was a great day. Every wedding is an experience though, and I love being part of that; the excitement on people’s faces when they see the final results is the best memory and feeling that I’m being left with.
Flavia, hairstylist
Original bridal hair styling by Flavia.
A big gracias to Flavia for this brilliant interview and the gorgeous pictures. The Sunshine Weddings Spain team looks forward to working with you soon in the new season!