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Spanish Wedding Saxophonist on the Costa del Sol | Amazing Entertainment for Your Wedding Party


Spanish Wedding Saxophonist on the Costa del Sol: Introducing the Legendary Roberto…

A sax on a wooden table
A sax on a wooden table: amazing entertainment for your wedding party.

Sunshine Weddings Spain is thrilled to present one of southern Spain’s most talented musicians in today’s feature. Roberto is a leading light on the Malaga music scene and it’s a privilege to talk to him, sharing his insights and experience with our bridal couples. Roberto is an expert in many different genres of sax – from cool, sophisticated jazz through to classical, 80’s and 90’s old school hits, current dance floor hits and all things Ibiza.

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Roberto Cantero, saxophonist.

Roberto, you are one of Malaga’s most renowned musicians with an impressive repertoire, having also performed alongside the Spanish band, Chambao. When did you start learning to play the saxophone?
I learnt to play the saxophone late – at aged 21, but before that, in my mid-teens I developed a love for rap music, which I made and produced. Around the same time I also learnt to play the piano, so yes, I have quite a varied music background!

Which sax musicians have been your biggest influence?
There are so many to love! Michael Brecker, Eric Marienthal, Everette Harp, Gerald Albright. I also take my inspiration from jazz musicians such as John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon. Every saxophonist who has their own personality is a reference. I have studied a lot of solos by these artists and I still do…

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Sax player at a wedding in Spain.

You have worked with Sunshine Weddings Spain for almost a decade. What inspired you to bring your music to the wedding industry?
I started to work in the wedding industry because of the many opportunities that innovative wedding planners – such as Sunshine Weddings Spain – have created for musicians over the past decade. Things have changed completely and weddings have become a beautiful show; an event full of lights, colours, and celebration. In the past, traditional weddings were what I can only describe as boring! Sunshine Weddings Spain puts so much effort into organising the most special days for their clients that it feels like a big event for me, and I have this wonderful opportunity to work with real artists. I truly feel like I am taking part in an amazing show!

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Spanish Wedding Saxophonist on the Costa del Sol .

Are you happy to work with a bespoke playlist – as well as providing ideas for couples who aren’t sure which songs and styles they would like?
Sometimes it’s good to work with a playlist because there will always be songs on it that I don’t know, so it gives me the opportunity to add them to my repertoire. On the other hand, couples don’t always know which songs will work best at a wedding so I try to explain to them (for example), that a ballad won’t get the guests on the dance floor, so an upbeat tune with some explosive house music – following on from the first dance – is always a great idea! In any case, I like to have a fluid conversation with the bridal couple so they can really think about all the options and make the decision that is right for them.

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Roberto Cantero, saxophonist.

Tell us a favourite wedding performance memory…
One that stands out most for me is a wedding where most of the guests were musicians, so they picked up their instruments to join in with me on the sax, and everybody was playing at the end. It was like a jazz festival with musicians filling every area of the tables and the dance floor! An incredible memory.

How have you overcome the challenges of the pandemic?
All of my wedding work stopped so I decided to take that time to study new musical material and courses. I put together a new video to sell my saxophone courses, so that was a real positive. I worked with new students, teaching them to play sax either at their homes or via Zoom. It was also good to take time out to relax a little after lots of working and travelling, and the pandemic has also made me change my approach to the way I work. It’s been healthy in some ways that I have found myself put in a situation where I had to make the decision to split my time more equally between live gigs and teaching music moving forward.

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Wedding entertainment.

What are you most looking forward to when it comes to performing at the weddings of couples whose dates have been moved many times?
Enjoying every moment of the weddings and giving my all when I perform! We will get there in the end…

What do you love most about your career?
I love the time I spend studying music. I am an eternal student. I spend many hours every day studying music here in my basement – I have a little music studio, and that’s where I invest my time in the mornings. I also make my own music here. It is also an honour to receive thanks for my work after a performance, of course: that’s the true gift.

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Wedding party.

Which are your favourite wedding settings to perform at on the Costa del Sol?
I love so many of the wedding venues here and I honestly don’t have any preferred locations. The weather here in Malaga is so good, every venue looks amazing, the vibe is so happy, and the wedding guests are in the mood to party. Every wedding venue feels like the best!

Roberto Cantero, saxophonist
Roberto Cantero, saxophonist

Roberto, it was wonderful to find out more about your music and the fabulous entertainment you can offer our bridal couples here in Spain! Thank you so much for your time and the amazing images. We look forward to working with you at many more magical weddings.