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Spanish Wedding Singer


We Interview the Fabulous Spanish Wedding Singer La Negra Mayte…

Today we offer a warm welcome to a very talented Costa del Sol-based wedding singer, La Negra Mayte. As an artist, this lady has such an impressive CV, working with producers such as Rob Davis, who produced songs for Kylie Minogue and Sophie Ellis Bextor. She has also collaborated with Ministry of Sound, performed in the National Theatre of Buenos Aires, performed for the UN in Kenya, provided backing singing for Chaka Khan, and been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest!

And that’s only scratching the surface of her musical accolades…

La Negra Mayte on stage

We are delighted to share our recent interview, which further showcases La Negra Mayte’s passion when it comes to helping brides and grooms create a memorable ceremony, as well as fantastic evening entertainment.

Thanks for talking with us today, La Negra Mayte…

When did your passion for singing really ignite?””

My passion for music comes from a very young age. My ?rst recording was at 3 years old and I professionally recorded my ?rst album in London at the age of 16. I can say that it was quite clear that I wanted to dedicate my life to music.

How long have you been singing at weddings on the Costa del Sol, and what can you offer to make the ceremony extra special and/or the party go off with a bang?

I can say that I have had the privilege and luck to work at a wide variety of events, but I must confess that weddings are the most emotional and special event of all. I can almost remember every wedding that I have ever sung at, and there is always something unique that differentiates them. I try to help the bridal couple however I can; for example to choose what song they would like on their walk up the aisle, or their ?rst dance, basically ensuring the music will always remind them of this unforgettable day.

What is your favourite singing style for a wedding?”’

I have an extensive repertoire with a wide variety of styles. I love all jazz, soul and funk classics, and I research and update my list with the most requested songs. Although the bride and groom always have the last word, of course!

The glamorous La Negra Mayte

Which hits would you include in your ultimate wedding song list?”

I have included some hits from artists like Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Calvin Harris, and other essentials – from Nat King Cole… to a classic at weddings that cannot be missed: Christina Perri and her “A Thousand Years”. I think this song is definitely the most requested right now!

When a couple are selecting a wedding singer for their ceremony, or as part of their evening entertainment for guests, what are the most important factors to take into account?

I think only the couple getting married can truly answer this question! I guess I would say that it’s important the couple select professional artists whose talent helps them relax and enjoy an unforgettable night. And the most important thing is that we, the singers and the musicians, enjoy the evening as much as they do. It’s important our performance is genuine, and from the heart.

Can you tell us a little about your most memorable singing moments at Spanish weddings?

I have been so lucky to have experienced incredible moments, both in Spain and abroad. In wonderful and romantic places. It is exciting to sing to a bride when she walks down the aisle. The union of the couple, the joy of family and friends… being given the responsibility to sing a song during that special moment is amazing, although it’s important not to let yourself be carried away by emotions. No shedding of tears!

La Negra Mayte & Co

Any funny wedding moments, when you were in the spotlight?”””

Yes, some real classics such as wedding rings not wanting to slip on ?ngers, contagious laughter in the middle of the ceremony, and an anecdote at my own wedding: the waiters didn’t want to bring out our wedding cake because they had dropped the nuptial ?gurine, beheading the groom. It was hilarious!

Finally, which of the great singers do you most admire, and why?

I grew up in a very musical family, so from a young age I listened to the greatest international classics, from Nat King Cole to Aretha Franklin; my most admired Stevie Wonder, the talented Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, and Chaka Khan, with whom I was lucky to work, singing background vocals on their German tour. I learned a lot from everyone. We always continue to learn and all those in?uences are part of your personality as an artist.

Thank you very much to La Negra Mayte for this wonderful and absolutely fascinating interview.