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Spanish Wedding Travel Insurance | Important and Reassuring Covid-19 Updates


Relax in the Peace of Mind that You and Your Guests are covered to travel post-pandemic…

As many parts of the world are seeing a much-yearned for decrease in Covid-19 numbers and an acceleration in the vaccination programme, finally, it truly looks like brighter days are ahead for all of us.

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Here at Sunshine Weddings Spain, our own positive thoughts turn toward the upcoming 2021 wedding season – and all of the love, happiness, and aspirations this magical time will bring with it. We cannot wait to see last year’s postponed weddings finally happen, and we anticipate they will be the most special events imaginable. It will be amazing to witness family and friends coming together to watch their loved ones say ‘I do’ in the many beautiful venues of the Costa del Sol.

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But that’s just one side of the wedding planning coin… naturally, bridal couples and their nearest and dearest will also want to be thinking of the practicalities. Travel insurance is an ever-important part of that. Yet, it goes without saying, the worldwide pandemic has left many questions as to how travel insurance currently works – none more so than when it comes to planning a destination venue wedding, be that on a small and intimate or large and lavish scale.

So we hope today’s blog will help to reassure both bridal couples and their wedding guests…

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The Official Andalucia Tourism Website for the autonomous community which governs the southern part of Spain and all of the Costa del Sol, has made a recent announcement regarding its own international travel insurance policy for overseas visitors wishing to come to Andalusia this year. They are offering FREE Covid travel insurance to international non-resident travellers visiting Andalusia between the dates of 1st January and 31st December 2021.

plane wing
The view of a plane wing against the blue sky.

As long as travellers are staying in an officially recognised and regulated establishment, then they are covered. Any reputable hotel or accommodation provider will be members of a variety of travel-related bodies and organisations, and we would advise that wedding tourists carefully check their chosen accommodation choices meet these necessary standards before applying for insurance, and before travel.

The hotel and pool illuminated at night night
The hotel and pool illuminated at night.

From what we understand,’s policy covers the following in the case of infection from Covid-19 whilst staying in the region:

  • Medical, surgical and hospital costs
    This applies to the insured patient and their companion – which could be their spouse or their partner, their parents, children, grandparents, or grandchildren of both members of the couple. It also includes pharmaceutical costs that are Covid-19 related.
  • Medical costs of repatriation and transportation
  • Repatriation and transportation
  • Repatriation and transportation in the event of death due to Covid-19
  • Costs for extended hotel stays
    This is inclusive of quarantine.

In addition to this, we understand that:’s international Covid-19 travel insurance coverage is devoid of age limit, and excludes any circumstance known by the insured before travelling. There is also no need to contract the insurance; if a person meet all the requirements then they are automatically covered.

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All in all, it’s a fairly comprehensive list which should offer peace of mind to bridal couples and wedding guests alike. The message is clear: Andalusia (southern Spain and the Costa del Sol) is waiting to welcome tourists back with open arms, but is determined to do so safely and responsibly. The same goes for the Sunshine Weddings Spain team.

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For more information, hop on the official Andalucia Tourism website by clicking one of the above links. The travel section will flag up the insurance policy, and from there, it’s a simple case of filling in an online form to apply.

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We are so looking forward to seeing you all again in our wonderful part of Spain very soon to create everlasting and joyful marriage memories!