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Spanish Wedding Dress Inspiration


Spanish Wedding Dress Inspiration…

Wedding Dresses In Spain
Wedding Dresses In Spain.


When couples plan their wedding in Spain they want their special day to capture the very essence of what it is to marry in such a beautiful country. They ask us at Sunshine Weddings to source Spanish Fincas and Haciendas surrounded by rolling Andalucian hills or near the Med coast; they want to try the mouthwatering delicacies of the area such as cured meats, paellas and local cheeses; and of course they want us to stock their free bar full of the best wines, sangria and Sherries Spain has to offer. But it doesn’t stop there. No Spanish wedding is complete without the bride looking the part, and that means choosing a dress that blends into her Iberian surroundings and makes her feel every bit the Spanish señorita.

So what image springs to mind when we say Spanish Wedding Dresses? How can a bride get the right look, wherever she chooses to buy her dress, without breaking the bank? Here is Sunshine Wedding’s list of the top 5 things to consider when choosing a Spanish wedding dress, alongside some inspirational bridal gown images from our talented wedding photographer David Toms.

Wedding Dress Spain
Beautiful bride in her elegant weddding dress in Spain.


1. Lace, lace, lace

Throughout history lace has been synonymous with Spain, with entire villages are dedicated to the craft of handmade lace. That is why lace dresses are the most popular wedding dress fabric in Spain and also priced much more competitively in its place of origin than any other country. In fact we have had brides fly to Spain just to buy their dress, and have still saved money after a mini break away! Many wedding shops in Spain also offer free alterations and an array of lace accessories unavailable in other places – such as fans, gloves and hair accessories. Spain is certainly the right place for lace.

2. Think Flamenco

If you want to dress like a true Spanish bride then you need to channel a touch of the Flamenco. That means lots of full skirts, ruffles, fresh flowers in your hair or accessories like a fan or comb. It also means having your hair swept up in a romantic up to, which helps with the heat and will make partying into the early hours a lot easier.

3. Veil

No Spanish bridal outfit is complete without a veil, and the longer the better… Nothing looks more romantic than the image of the bride walking down the aisle of a mountain-top Spanish chapel with a long veil trailing behind her. Or opt for a lace-edged mantilla that frames the face and adds an extra Spanish edge. Long veils also make for some breathtaking wedding photography.

Long veils also make for some breathtaking wedding photography.


4. Short

Think of the weather, the South of Spain has over 300 sunny days a year! If you are opting for a Spanish summer wedding then there are no rules that you have to have a long and heavy dress. Go for something knee length, fun and 1950s. The Babydoll dress is perfect for looking pretty but not having to worry about getting too hot and bothered when it comes to the end of the day.

A short wedding dress, there are no rules that you have to have a long, traditional dress.


5. Make an impression

Spanish brides don’t do Girly and don’t do Princess, like every Latino look their dresses have a hint of the sexy about them. They hug the hips, they dip at the front…or they have a shimmer and shine that makes everyone turn their head. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your dress shows off you and your curves to the max.

So there you have it, five ways to look like a perfect Spanish bride. Lace, ruffles, a pretty up do and a long veil…and of course, a sexy Latino silhouette.

Lace, ruffles, a pretty up do and a long veil…and of course, a sexy Latino silhouette.

So get those Spanish guitars strumming, the sun shining and the palm trees swaying…the bride is on her way.