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Talented vocalist for your wedding day Mallorca | Interview with Charly Hamblyn


Are you looking for a talented vocalist to set the perfect vibe for your wedding day in Mallorca?

Charly Hamblyn, talented vocalist in Mallorca.

If yes, then today’s feature article is just for you as Sunshine Weddings Spain is chatting all things soul and funky with one of the most talented artists to be found in the beautiful island of Mallorca, the sensational sounding Charly Hamblyn.

Thanks for joining us today Charly, and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to tell us more about your music, background and love for performing.

Charly performing at an event in Spain’s Mallorca.
Tell us, how did it all begin?

I’ve always been in love with music! Me and my brothers and sister grew up on musicals thanks to my dad. We would put on shows for our parents and write them paper tickets to enter the living room! My dad also used to run nightclubs all over the UK and we would be involved in the shows going on in his venues, so we were always comfortable on stage. After that my dad bought a karaoke club and it was my job to MC. All night I would listen to people singing and reading the lyrics on screen, so naturally it broadened my horizons to all kinds of music. From there I would experiment with pop, rock, country and soul and I’ve never stopped.

Charly Hamblyn, talented vocalist in Mallorca.
Charly Hamblyn, entertaining wedding guests in Mallorca.
Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Mallorca?

My family moved all around the UK but I spent most of my life in Norfolk. It’s beautiful, I still love it there. When I was 17 my whole family made the move to Mallorca, somewhere we had holidayed frequently and we loved the island. We opened a bar in Calvia where I continued to play around with music, and quickly landed my first job at The Plaza Cafe! From there over the years I’ve worked in clubs, restaurants, beach clubs, and had the privilege to fly all over to places such as Germany, Switzerland and most recently Saudi Arabia to sing jazz for a week long coffee event.

Charly is originally from Norfolk, England.
Please describe your music style, are you flexible if a bridal couple requests a certain theme or song?

I love playing jazz and soul while people are mingling and sipping cocktails, such as Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. I think it creates such a light, playful atmosphere which accents the cosmopolitan style of Mallorca. Through dinner I always go for some funk and groove classics from Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson to get people moving, picking up the tempo as I go. Then for the party I play lots of house and party floor fillers! My favourites are Dua Lipa, Sister Sledge, Calvin Harris etc. Of course I’m always happy to learn anything specific for the couple for ceremonies and first dances. I actually like it when couples surprise me with new songs.

Charly Hamblyn together with other band members.
How did you get into weddings and what do you love most about performing at weddings?

I first got into weddings when I was singing in a bar in Palmanova and a couple approached me about singing at their wedding, and to be honest at the time it hadn’t crossed my mind to be a wedding singer. It went so well and the couple couldn’t have been more appreciative, which made me really happy that I had helped make their day even more special. I think that’s what I like the most, just making people happy and being part of their day. Everyone is always in good spirits at weddings too which I absolutely love, the atmosphere is always happy.

Charly loves walking her dogs on the beach.
Any funny anecdotes that spring to mind about performing at weddings?

Oh my word so many! Missing brides, people falling on the cake, mother of the groom passing out from the heat! One most recently was at the beautiful Zoetry Hotel. I had performed with The Syndicate for the cocktail and when the time came for the first dance we started playing and the couple took the floor, surrounded by a circle of candles. It started off beautifully, I think they had chosen Etta James’ “At Last” which is always one of my favourite songs. However, about half way through the song I could see people whispering and eyeing each other, so I started looking round to see what everyone was talking about. When I looked at the bride I suddenly saw that caught between her dress and the tulle were three of the biggest spiders I had ever seen! They were enormous!! Apparently she had a terrible phobia of spiders so no one dared say anything… It wasn’t until I heard her scream about 10 minutes later that someone must have told her… Luckily people tend to see the funny side of things at weddings, so all’s well that ends well.

Charly has lived in Mallorca for over 15 years singing full time.

I’ve been in Mallorca over 15 years now singing full time, and like most people that come to the island I am just in love with our little tropical paradise. For me it has everything, beaches, mountain ranges, a bustling city, rustic countryside, it ticks every box. People can usually find me pitched up in a cafe somewhere with my scruffy dog after having a swim! Or, if I’m at home I would typically be gardening, cooking or painting. I suppose being in a social job means you take more time in solitude to be a bit zen! I think Mallorca is a really peaceful place to live and I can never see myself going back. I’m engaged to a wonderful man from the south of Spain so hopefully I will get my special day too soon and someone can sing for me!

The sensational sounding Charly Hamblyn.
Thank you Charly, for taking the time to talk with us and for sharing an insight into your fascinating world and for providing these fabulous photos. Sunshine Weddings Spain can’t wait to listen to you perform at more Mallorca wedding celebrations, and a massive congratulations on your engagement, I’m sure your special day will be an amazing one too.
Talented vocalist for your wedding day Mallorca | Interview with Charly Hamblyn
Charly Hamblyn talented vocalist for your wedding day Mallorca.