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The Perfect Photographer For Your Wedding In Spain – Part 2


The Perfect Photographer For Your Wedding In Spain – Part 2…

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Romantic sunset wedding photograph.

In Part One of our interview with wedding photographer David Tom’s we learnt all about his passion for his craft, and his love for injecting energy and fun into his work. Find out about David’s passions and why photographing weddings in Spain is the best job in the world!

What’s the hardest aspect of documenting weddings in Spain?

Depends on how you approach your role as a wedding photographer. ‘Even after all these years I still get nervous before a wedding…but I think that’s a good thing as it builds up of energy. So I would say the hardest part of documenting a wedding is before I have even picked up my camera, the nervousness I feel as I make my way to see the couple on their big day.

Tell us some of the best venues you have visited in your time as a photographer in Spain.

Oh it’s far too hard to choose. There are so many options out here in Spain – from traditional Fincas to swanky hotels, beach venues to old monasteries…there is something for everybody!

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The newlyweds at their dream wedding venue in Spain.


What’s the most memorable thing that has happened at a wedding you have been at?

I think every wedding has its own memorable moments. Whether it’s the look in the groom’s eyes as his bride walks down the aisle towards him, or something funny occuring during the speech or at the party at the end. There have been too many amazing things happen at weddings for me to choose just one.

The happy bride with her girls in Spain.

What inspires you and your work?


Passion for life and passion for love. Photography is the language of the imagination – a picture speaks a thousand words, as they say. My images last forever, and capturing the special moments of the most important day in someone’s life is a huge responsibility. Without passion for what I do, none of that would be possible.

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Colourful Indian wedding in Spain.

If you hadn’t chosen photography as your career, what would be your Plan B?

I never had a Plan A or Plan B. Life just took me this way…

Back in the day I was shooting a lot of editorial work and was asked to shoot a photographer’s wedding. I just did what felt right to me, nobody showed me how, and I found it an amazing experience. So my wedding photographer career started right then and there. Weddings were very formal back then, which is fine sometimes, but what people want is to have the fun and laughter of their big day shine through their wedding photos…which is what I try and capture in my work.

Wedding moment captured by David Toms.

Well it’s clear to see why David is a favourite among our wedding couple’s. Passion, energy, enthusiasm and fun is not only what you get working with him, but what you see in every one of his photographs. Take a look through the rest of our blogs to see how he captures those special moments.

wedding photography
Wedding photography by David Toms.