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Villa Wedding In Mijas Spain


Villa Wedding In Mijas Spain Part II: In part one we met Jessica and Laurence, today we find out which wedding venue they selected and why…

Beautiful wedding bouquet.


Again, going back to my experiences growing up, we were always a big family who opted
for self-catering villas so that everyone could stay together. I had so much fun with my sisters in the villas’ gardens and pools that we very rarely needed anything else for entertainment and I think part of me wanted to recreate that. As a couple we had a very similar image in our heads of what we wanted our day to be.

Picturesque Mijas in Southern Spain.

We decided to go for something that encapsulates our personalities (we are very sociable and love nothing more than to throw a big group party) so we thought that we would opt for an intimate garden party in the sun with lots of alcohol, amazing food, music and a holiday vibe. We didn’t want to go for the traditional set up because everyone knows that we’ve always done things a bit differently and we wanted everyone to have a completely new and memorable experience.

Wedding in Spain’s Mijas.

The inclusivity was important to us, hence the choice of a hacienda where lots of people could stay and enjoy their holiday around the wedding. We’ve always preferred the bare bones, natural beauty of things, something I often find is overlooked in weddings. Finally, I guess the fact the hacienda was presented as a family home, with naturally beautiful surroundings and we could essentially have dinner in a garden really did give it the laid back intimate feel we’d been going for. It was perfect.


Stunning wedding dress.

Well, the wedding dress was nothing like I’d imagined, for a start! I’d originally thought I’d want something sparkly or lacy and fitted, but in the end I tried on my full skirt, spaghetti strap tulle dress and felt like a princess. It was the only dress that made me feel that way, so that’s how I knew it was the one. I think what I loved about it most was again the understated nature of it. Yes it was ‘poofy’, but it was elegant; there were no frills, no sparkle and it was just perfect in its own right – kind of like the general feel of the wedding.

Beautiful Villa Wedding Brdemaids.

Bridesmaids; again I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted all my girls to feel and look gorgeous but also be comfortable in that heat, so went for long, non-figure hugging Grecian- style dresses. The colours were muted tones of deep colours that I knew would pick up nicely with the flowers, which I wanted to be more ‘Spanish/tropical/holiday’ than your traditional wedding pastel shades -and the calla lillies gave the bouquets a bit of intrigue.

In part 3 Jessica shares her favourite moments from her wedding day.

Elegant wedding table decorations.