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Expressive writing to capture the tone that the wedding party desires… Welcome to the world of calligraphy where you can add a personal touch to any element incorporated at your wedding.

Yolanda, from
Yolanda from Calligraphy Addiction.

Traditionally calligraphy, the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush, is reserved for the inner and outer envelopes of wedding invitations, but can be incorporated elsewhere like on wedding escort cards, menu cards, ceremony programs and even the favor tags.

Today we are delighted to chat with Wedding Calligraphy Expert, Yolanda, who gives an insight into this ancient Chinese art which dates back some 3,000 years.

Beautiful name cards.
Beautiful name cards.
Hi Yolanda, thanks for joining us today, please tell us a bit more about the story behind Calligraphy Addiction?

I’m Yolanda from Barcelona and I’m the person behind Calligraphyaddiction. I have always been passionate about calligraphy and beautiful letters, going all the way back to when I was at primary school, aged 5, when I distinctly remember being mesmerised by my primary school teacher’s beautiful italic writing.

Elegant, hand-written menu.
Elegant, hand-written menu.

The Calligraphyaddiction project came about quite by chance during confinement in the pandemic. On one of those days, when we were all locked-up, I decided to do a live broadcast on Instagram playing around with my writing using a notebook and a simple cheap pen. A lot of the viewers started asking me to write their names because they liked my calligraphy and lettering. Motivated, I started to look up tutorials and practised daily in order to educate myself about writing techniques and materials.

Before I knew it, my hobby had become a passion and later a job that I love and enjoy to the fullest.

I share my work daily on my social media networks, where I have reached more than half a million followers on Tik Tok and 40,000 on Instagram.

I’m able to write peoples’ names, messages and beautiful, motivational phrases with my letters and I love new proposals and challenges.

Blue wedding envelopes with names in calligraphy.
Do you do your calligraphy work by hand or computer?

My products are handmade using handwritten calligraphy. I always take great care to make sure that all my passion for letters comes across and is transmitted in the final product.

Do you do calligraphy for inner and outer envelopes and for table numbers, seating cards or a seating chart?

There are plenty of different products with different styles to choose on my website, from lettering, calligraphy with nib and even letters in digital format.

I also do calligraphy for table numbers, seating cards, seating plans, even welcome signs. What’s more I’m always open to new proposals to make with my letters, and thrive off the challenge.

beautiful italic writing.
Beautiful italic writing by Yolanda.

But to answer your question, yes, I do calligraphy for cards and envelopes, written both inside and outside.

All products for weddings and events can be customizable, in some cases with the colour of the paper, the colour of the ribbons and even the colour of the ink of the pen, either in white, black or gold.

After receiving all necessary materials, how much time will you need to complete an order?

Once all the necessary material is available, as it is a handmade product, it takes about 10-15 days before it can be sent, depending on the quantity of the order. The delivery time for 20 seating cards is not the same as for 300 😅.

Gold & black lettering.

Our priority is to put as much care as possible into making these unique and exclusive products impeccable for those special moments.

What do you most love about your profession?

What I like most about this job is how relaxing it is, the tranquillity and peace I get from drawing each line, imagining the faces of the guests when they see the details and above all being able to be part of those magical wedding moments.

Wedding details.
Wedding details.
Now some fun questions:
  • Tea or coffee? A good coffee, no doubt ☕️ ☺️
  • Cat or dog: Dogs 🐶 😍 are so loving and loyal!
  • One hidden talent: Singing is my other passion and they say I’m not too bad at it 😅
A thanks to our wonderful readers for taking the time to read this fun Q&A with Yolanda, we hope you have gained some interesting insights to the world of calligraphy and a huge Gracias to Yolanda too, for the fun interview and for sharing these gorgeous images of your work with us, we hope to see your beautiful lettering  in the upcoming season.
Rustic place cards.
Rustic place cards.