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Mallorca Wedding Celebrant


With our wedding empire in Mallorca rapidly expanding we will be increasing the frequency of Mallorcan features as requested from our brides to be. Today we would like to introduce Toni, a wedding celebrant in Mallorca.

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Can you describe yourself in three words?

Listener, dynamic, communicative.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you became a celebrant

10 years ago sitting at my office, working as a marketing consultant I visualized my future and decided to go for my dream, to become an actor. While studying drama a friend of mine, a wedding planner, called me urgently. “I need you to marry one of my couples. The celebrant we had has disappeared and the wedding is next week!” “Maria, I’m an actor not a priest.” “I know! But this is just a blessing, and you’re a guy that can talk, that knows how to touch peoples hearts, please help!” So, by accident, I became a celebrant and found one of the most ever fulfilling jobs of my life.

Mallorca Wedding Ceremony
Toni, a wedding celebrant in Spain’s Mallorca. together with a bridal couple.

Why did you decide to move to Mallorca?
To be honest it wasn’t my decision. My parents decided to have me here. I like to call myself a mallorcan aboriginee, and so is all my family.

What is the most important aspect about choosing a wedding celebrant?
That she/he makes you feel comfortable, confident. That there is a good energy flow between her/him and the couple. She/He should be communicative, touching and trustful.

Wedding Ceremony in Mallorca
A wedding celebrant in Spain’s magical Mallorca.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
It keeps me freshly connected to love. I am also married, for 6 years now, and every interview I have with loving couples, there is always something that fills me in, that makes me remember or discover new sparks, flashes about the loving phenomenon.

How far before a wedding should a couple book their celebrant?
As soon as you are sure that she/he is the right one. Mallorca is a really popular wedding destination and celebrant agendas do fill in pretty quickly.

Would you recommend that a couple should meet more than one celebrant?
Absolutely! This is like chemistry. You need to feel that comfy energy between you and her/him. It is going to be one of the most important days of your lives and you must be 100% sure that your celebrant is the best for it.

Sofia Mallorca Wedding Photographer
Newly-weds with a stunning backdrop in Mallorca.


How many meetings are usually required prior to the wedding day
2 meetings. The first one to see if the celebrant is “the one”. The second meeting will be needed to carry out the deep interview which will help us with the design and content of the ceremony.

How much involvement should a couple have in the writing of the ceremony?
Just the necessary.You already have so many details to think off, so I am here to help and take care of the hard work!

Do you think a ceremony rehearsal is necessary?
What happens during the ceremony i.e order of readings, when the chosen songs have to be played, call the best man to bring the rings, signing of register etc is all on my side. Other matters such as wedding processional order and seating can be dealt during venue visits. There is no exceptional need for the celebrant to rehearse. On the other hand, I am always available for a rehearsal should you need it.

Interview with Toni Pons

What are the key ingredients to a meaningful ceremony
Authenticity, just be yourselves. Your party is joining you to watch you two getting married. They are not looking for anything else, just a true act of true love with true words.

Any special advice on dealing with wedding-day nerves?
The most complicated moment is the start of the event i.e the ceremony. Just relax, look pretty, smile at your friends and family, enjoy this unique moment, all the rest is on me.

What sort of behind the scenes work do you do that couples might not know about?

When writing the tailor-made script of your ceremony, I’ll be in the comfort of my home, listening to piano music, accompanied by a green tea, revising all the notes I took from our interview. I will visualise your story as it happened, and then choose the right words to explain it.

What has been your proudest moment?
Every single compliment I receive after the ceremony.

Do you have any tips for couples planning their ceremony?
To choose the right professional.

Can you describe a normal wedding day in your life as a wedding celebrant?

Big morning Mediterranean breakfast, preferably fresh orange juice, Majorcan bread with olive oil and Jamon Serrano and black coffee. Print the script and register documents. Rehearse how I will give power to the word. Enjoy time with my wife and children. Light energetic lunch. Shower, suit and off to the venue to be on site onehour before the ceremony starts. Say hi to groom, check final details, vocal warm-up, concentration and…”Buenas tardes, bienvenidos, good afternoon and welcome to Mallorca…”

Toni Pons taking a wedding ceremony

Where is your favorite wedding location?

Anywhere in Mallorca, you name it! Under the sun, at an authentic Finca, by the sea or lost in between the mountains..gosh, how many years till my wedding vows renewal?!

Share a funny story from one of your ceremonies?

More than funny the following is a story that did cause an impact on me. Right after the blessing of an Irish couple, with everybody happy looking for their chilled champagne, one of the guests came straight to me with a serious look in his face. He was one of the oldest, probably in his late 70’s. Looked at me in the eye and said “I am a very religious man, a strong believer.” I started sweating, as mine are not religious ceremonies, they are closer to the humanist style. He continued “In your ceremony you never mentioned the word God, but God was in every single word you spoke. So thank you for that.”