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Wedding DJ Spain: Interview with the Amazing Dave…

A southern Spanish marriage is a magical and wonderful experience – whether you are bride, groom or guest. And then there is the excitement of the evening entertainment; a chance for loved ones to mingle and dance the night away with a copa or two. Hiring a well-established local DJ (or band) is always a smart bet when you want to guarantee quality and the kind of sounds that will lure every member of the wedding party up onto the dance floor!
Dave James, Wedding DJ
Dave James, Wedding DJ.
Today’s featured wedding entertainment provider, Dave, has been doing just that for decades, and he shares his passion and inspiration for DJing with us in our short interview below:
How long have you been DJing and which artists are your inspiration?
In 1996 I began DJing on the radio in Birmingham with Choice 102.2FM.  This is when I started to learn about live DJing in clubs, watching and learning and figuring it all out. My personal music tastes are mainly classic soul and RnB; the greats like Aretha and James Brown, Beverley Knight, and Luther Vandross.
Dave James wedding DJ - the party takes to the pool
The wedding party takes to the pool.
How did you get into providing wedding entertainment and how long have you been specialising in that on the Costa del Sol?
My first wedding was in 1997 in the UK, with a friend who owned an events and entertainment company.  In those days, each speaker weighed as much as a small house and every song was on a CD which had to be lugged around in flight cases. Despite this, it was a great day and I was hooked! Since then my business has evolved and grown with the technology. I’ve been DJing for weddings on the Costa Del Sol -alongside my daily show on 93.6 Global Radio – for seven years, which I love even more than DJing in the UK. The venues here are breathtaking! 
Do you have a typical wedding set of songs? How easy is it for a couple to tailor make their playlist with you?
Every wedding is different, with each bride and groom having their own tastes.  I love to spend time with the couple before their big day and find out what they really want to hear at their wedding.
During the reception, the music usually becomes more fun (or cheesy if you like!) as the guests drink more.  I like to build the atmosphere as the night moves on, and make sure that the big party songs are ready when the guests really want to kick their shoes off and dance!
Dave James with actor Adam Woodyatt
DJ Dave James with actor Adam Woodyatt.
Most memorable wedding locations and parties in Spain?
One of my favourite locations is Casa Del Rio near to Benahavis.  It’s secluded enough not to have to worry too much about the sound disturbing neighbours, and big enough to make sure everyone can enjoy the space. One wedding here was particularly memorable as the groom was from New York and the bride was from Mumbai. We had a dancefloor full of people dancing to disco classics like Gloria Gaynor along with Bollywood hits like songs from Desi Boyz. It was a great night, so much fun.
How do you get everyone up on the dance floor? Which songs always guarantee a crowd?
There are some songs which are almost guaranteed to fill a dance floor. Drunken Uncle is usually reluctant to dance, but the drunken aunties and nieces will drag him to the dance floor when they hear Dancing Queen or Uptown Funk.
Dave James, DJ
Dave James, DJ at a wedding in Spain.
How quickly do you tend to get booked up?
Previously, most Friday and Saturdays during the summer months would be fully booked at least 6 months in advance, though this year the virus has changed that!  2021 and 2022 are already looking like being great years though..
What are the typical challenges when working with Spanish wedding venues during high season, and how do you overcome them?
To be honest I find the Spanish venues are an absolute pleasure to work with.  The wedding planners always have pretty much everything taken care of, leaving me to focus on the guests and their music.  The main challenge is staying away from the delicious food at the buffet!
Wedding disco lights
Wedding disco lights.
How have you coped with the pandemic and the way it has hit the industry this year?
The pandemic has been a huge challenge for anyone involved in events, of any type.  It’s been almost impossible to run any kind of music based event here in Spain this summer. We’ve worked closely with all our venues and clients to rearrange things for later in the year and for next year, and make sure deposits have been carried forward.  In some cases there has been no option but to cancel, which has been so stressful for the couples. I’ve made sure that refunds have been made available to everyone, as the situation is beyond our control.
Dave James with entertainer Paul Chuckle
Wedding DJ Dave James with entertainer Paul Chuckle.
What do you love most about your job?
People!  The number of wonderful people I get to meet doing this job is a gift.  Couples getting married, their guests, and the people working behind the scenes to make everything happen smoothly.  It feels possible to build a relationship over the space of just one evening, and at the end of the night it feels amazing to see all these people having the best time on the dancefloor and singing along as loud as they can!
A huge thank you to Dave for chatting to the Sunshine Weddings Spain team. We love his approachable and fun style and look forward to working with him many times as the new wedding season approaches.