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Wedding fireworks Spain | Professional firework displays for weddings Costa del Sol


Looking to add glamour and excitement to your reception? If the answer is yes, then check out today’s feature article about professional firework displays for weddings.

Wedding fireworks Spain | Professional firework displays for weddings Costa del Sol
Professional firework displays for weddings Costa del Sol

An amazing professional firework display at your wedding will add that extra special touch to your perfect day, and for a stunning fireworks display look no further than one of the most trusted and recognized pyrotechnic companies in Malaga, Pirotecnia Lara.

Today we chat with the CEO of Pirotecnia Lara, Rubén Lara, our special guest for this week’s feature article, who offers a fascinating insight into how to achieve the perfect ending to your perfect day.

Wedding fireworks Spain | Professional firework displays for weddings Costa del Sol
Wedding fireworks Spain.
Please tell us a little more about your company and how it all began.

Pirotecnia Lara, located in the province of Malaga, began its journey in 1955, with the aim of taking firework displays all around the province to different celebrations and events.

Currently in the hands of the second generation, Pirotecnia Lara maintains its traditional essence while keeping up with new trends and the new technologies in this ever evolving sector.

Additionally, it is the only company in the province of Malaga which has all the administrative authorisations, including: civil liability insurance, professional licence for fireworks and pyrotechnic displays. It is fundamental that the company you contact for your firework display has all the correct and regulated authorisations, as the hiring of unauthorised personnel can lead to heavy financial penalties. The same goes for fireworks manufacturers who also need to have the corresponding licences and permits to manufacture.

Our advice for customers interested in having a firework display is to contact an authorised company who will be able to inform and advise them of everything.

Stunning firework display behind a Spanish cortijo.
How long are most of your displays for weddings?

The firework displays for weddings usually last between 5 and 10 minutes, more is not recommended, so as not to tire the public.

Do you have a set display for weddings or can you adapt to the request of the bridal couple?

Normally there are some ready-made displays, although they can always be varied, depending on the client’s budget and any special request, always starting from a minimum amount.

Spectacular fireworks at a wedding in Spain.
Do you do low-noise fireworks?

Yes, we do low-noise fireworks displays, these types of fireworks displays are not the typical “palm trees” fireworks launched into the sky and generally seen at pyrotechnic displays, instead, the low-noise fireworks are normally made up of fountains and other pyrotechnic elements. These types of displays are usually carried out in places where aerial fireworks are not possible.

In your opinion, will fireworks enhance the wedding photographs?

Fireworks make the celebration different, and can achieve the perfect ending for a perfect day. They also make a wonderful gift to surprise the bridal couple and their guests. Fireworks can really light up your reception and can enhance the wedding photographs. Imagine an image of the newlyweds kissing as the sky explodes in a rainbow of colour behind them, with all the guests looking on in amazement, without a doubt, a spectacular and glamorous keepsake.

Photos of your wedding fireworks make for a spectacular and glamorous keepsake.
Can you also provide sparklers for all the guests?

It has become fashionable to hand out sparklers to the guests for different moments of the event, which we can provide.

Can you have the display choreographed with music?

A pyrotechnic show can be choreographed with music, but this would make the show much more expensive.

Pyrotechnic display by Pirotecnia Lara, Malaga.
What happens if it rains?

The pyrotechnic displays always have to be installed outdoors. If there is light rain, the fireworks can be covered with plastic to keep them dry, and then shoot them once it has stopped raining. The problem comes when there is heavy rain, which would prevent the firework display from going ahead. Additionally, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable for the wedding guests to watch the fireworks in the rain.

Thank you Rubén, for sharing with us the story behind Pirotecnia Lara, these incredible photos and how bridal couples can add that something special to their already magical day. We look forward to seeing you soon in the upcoming wedding season.