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Wedding hangover kit Spain | The perfect solution for the after-wedding hangover


Imagine giving your guests a wedding to remember, but without the wedding hangover after the big day!

Wedding hangover
Easy Mornings, by Refresh+, the solution to after-wedding hangovers.

After-wedding hangovers are normal, especially if you have thrown a fantastic wedding night party filled with fun music, dancing, lots of laughter and an open bar.

The mix is a potential cocktail to for many of your wedding guest to wake with a pounding head, the feeling of unquenchable thirst, sore eyes, a dry mouth and an overall sensation of nausea, unless, of course, you slot into gift bags a bottle of Easy Morning—the morning after, made easier—as a unique gesture to the guests.

These are 150ml cans packed full of everything the human body needs to fight off symptoms of a good night out.

Alcohol is the obvious culprit behind a hangover, but it isn’t always the alcohol itself. Its diuretic or dehydrating effects actually cause most hangover symptoms. This is where a swig of Easy Morning comes in more than handy.

Wedding hangover refresh can surrounded by ice
Easy morning ingredients are handpicked by experts.

Easy Morning is designed to be consumed before sleeping, allowing all of the healthy nutrients in its highly successful formula, to get to work while you hit the sack.

Today, Sunshine Weddings Spain talks with Jake Whitehead, CoFounder and Director of Refresh+ and brainchild behind the miraculous Easy Morning.

Hi Jake, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us, tell us a bit more about yourself and your role in the creation of Easy Morning and Refresh+.

My name is Jake Whitehead and I’m the CoFounder and Director of Refresh+. Myself and my business partner bought it to market in early 2021 (after 3 years of research and development!) Based on our independent research, and guidance from our recipe consultants we handpicked all of our ingredients. All of which contribute to one main goal… eliminating hangovers.

Wedding hangover
Easy Mornings, by Refresh+ has one main goal… eliminate hangovers.
How did the idea of creating a solution for the after-wedding hangover come about?

The idea for Easy Mornings, by Refresh+, cropped up during one of mine and my business partners brainstorms in 2018. We have launched multiple ecommerce stores and we knew our biggest project had to solve or cure an issue that affects a huge bucket of people. That’s when the idea to cure hangovers popped into our heads. We’ve not looked back since!

Wedding hangover
Water may reduce your hangover symptoms, but Refresh+ is formulated to eliminate them.
What message would you like to give bridal couples?

The message from Refresh+ to the bridal couples would be ‘Congratulations! It’s inevitable that there’s going to be quite a few sore heads the morning after your big day… that’s where we come in. Is there a better wedding present than a hangover cure?’

Wedding hangover
Easy Morning by Refresh + is the perfect solution for an after-wedding hangover.
What are key ingredients in your formula?

Our formula has been carefully hand crafted by experts in the recipe consultancy field. With one main goal, to stop hangovers. We include powerful antioxidants to flush out those nasty toxins quicker than your body can alone.

After three years of research we have pinpointed the key ingredients need to ensure that the body is never starved of the nutrients it needs to prevent a hangover, these nutrients include vitamins and minerals to top you the body’s natural vitamin stores as well as water and electrolytes to help the body manage fluid balance and avoid dehydration.

Wedding hangover
Three years of research have pinpointed the key ingredients need to ensure a hangover free morning.
When should wedding guests take Easy Morning?

For optimal results, a can of Easy Morning should be consumed just before bed and let the nutrient rich formula get to work whilst you sleep.

It’s called Easy Mornings for a reason. You’ll soon forget about how bad your mornings used to be!

On behalf of the Sunshine Weddings Spain team, thanks Jake, for this highly fascinating insight into how hangovers can be prevented, especially beneficial for those who haven’t yet learnt the art of ‘just one drink.’

If you think you want some of this good stuff for you and your wedding guests, get in touch with the Sunshine Weddings Spain team today, the question is how many cans will you need?

Wedding hangover
Easy Morning by Refresh + the perfect and unqiue gift for your wedding guests.