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Wedding In Mallorca?


Wedding In Mallorca: Choosing The Right Photographer

At Sunshine Weddings Spain we work with some of Spain and Mallorca’s best wedding photographers, offering an array of different styles, approaches and prices. Finding the right one for you is an important part of planning your big day as those photos are all that will remain once your wedding day is over. How will you choose to treasure those memories? What style are you looking for to perfectly represent the most important day of your life?

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Mallorcan wedding photographer Aimee from Aimee K Photography. Her candid documentary style wedding photography is a huge hit for bridal couples looking for a relaxed portfolio of wedding images. As you can see in these images, she perfectly encapsulates the romance and chilled, rustic quality of weddings in Mallorca.

Here’s what Aimee had to say about the love for her craft, working with couples in Mallorca and her ideal wedding!

Newly Married Couple
Newly married couple, surrounded by tropical plants, embrace.

Hello Aimee, thank you for chatting to us today. Having looked through your stunning collection of wedding photos, and the joy that exudes from every shot, you strike me as a woman who really enjoys the natural aspect of wedding photography. Explain to us a bit about your approach and why you enjoy capturing weddings in this style.

You are 100% spot-on – capturing natural moments is my goal and what I consider the greatest achievement in wedding photography! After years of being involved in the inspiring community of wedding photographers I’ve come to believe that photography is a reflection of a photographer’s experience. Not to get too existential but basically to say that photos largely mirror the photographer’s point of view. A photographer who is joyful and natural will be more inclined to perceive those joyful and natural moments, while a photographer who relates to the world in a more serious and constructed manner will interact and capture those photos that reflect a more serious nature.

Connection with the bride and groom and their closest family is so important to build trust and access intimate moments. During a wedding I can be seen buzzing around in a light-on-my feet and transparent way yet I’m friendly, approachable and professional. Although it may sound like a huge task, in reality the approach is light and playful.

Engaged Couple
Engaged Couple in Mallorca.

One of the great things of being a wedding photographer is that you can take your job virtually anywhere. What made you settle in Mallorca and why? And are there other places you would love to shoot a wedding at?

Mallorca was quite unexpected for me! I’m originally American and worked in Labour and Delivery (Maternity Unit) for years. I’ve also lived in Hong Kong where I owned a children’s modelling agency. I met my husband during a working ‘holiday’ in Bodhgaya, India, where I was providing healthcare to Buddhist monks, nuns, children and lay people. My husband was the German paediatric doctor on the island. One year after meeting we moved to Mallorca together. I’m so thankful not only found my husband and also discovered this amazing island.

Having travelled the globe, and spent time as a model myself, has really helped me perfect my photography. I love my job and having Mallorca as an amazing backdrop is icing on the cake!

Poolside wedding pose

What three pieces of advice would you give to our Mallorcan bridal couples when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer?

  1. Being comfortable with your photographer is very important! Photographers love to be valued for their ability to connect with people while working. We are by your side the entire day and are privy to your most intimate moments. Booking a photographer is largely based on intuition so look at how a photographer communicates (whether by email, in-person or by video consultation) and see if you have a rapport.
  2. Trust and connection are key and it goes both ways! Photographers trust the clients and clients trust the photographer. An experienced photographer has the ability to be invisible and transparent while gaining access to those intimate moments, and for that you need trust. Plus, an experienced photographer can also anticipate important moments and be in the right place at the right time to capture the moment.
  3. Lastly, a couple should look for the style of photography that they appreciate and find inspiring. Island-based photographers are at an advantage as they are familiar with working in bright sunlight, your venue and the Spanish wedding rhythm of the day.
Bride, Groom & Maids
Bride, Groom & Maids.

Your images perfectly capture the natural beauty of a wedding in Mallorca, and the relaxed intimacy between the bridal couples. What do you love the most about shooting weddings in Mallorca?

What I love about shooting weddings in Mallorca is the rustic elegance of the finca venues. Mallorcan venues are about the countryside setting – think olive trees, blue sky, sheep bells, windmills, lush flowers and a lot of green (my favourite colour!). Think of a “sobremesa” – a lingering Spanish lunch outdoors in the sun amongst family, friends, laughter, music, full-bodied wine and a variety of tapas. Those are the underpinnings of the photographic backdrop!

Rustic Wedding
Rustic Wedding in Spain.

And lastly, describe to us the perfect wedding you would love to work on and why?

An ideal wedding to photograph for me is one where people are authentic, well-connected and really live the moment to the fullest! This is possible in an intimate wedding with a small budget, just as much as a huge wedding. What I can capture photographically is what people are willing to show me and what they feel comfortable to express. In that way the ideal wedding is one in where clients fully trust me and feel confident enough to express themselves during what is one of the most important days of their lives.

If you’re in love with Aimee’s photos as much as we are, please talk to a member of our team so we can put together the perfect team for your special day. Ensuring your wedding in Mallorca remains a precious memory you get to look at year after year!

Rustic Bride
Boho bride.