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Wedding Photography In Mallorca


Wedding Photography In Mallorca: Interview With Thomas Baar…

Today we speak with the supremely talented Mallorca based wedding photographer Thomas Barr. Renowned for his natural and fun filled colourful style, Thomas is very much in demand with our Mallorcan bridal couples.

Newly Married Couple
Newly Married Couple in Spain’s Mallorca.

How did this years wedding season go?

I really enjoyed all my weddings this year. I can definitely feel that more and more people are falling in love with this beautiful island. The wedding season is definitely extending as people realise Mallorca is amazing all year round, not just during the summer months. A winter wedding can be ever so pretty.

The beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Spain's Mallorca.
The scenic outdoor wedding ceremony in Spain’s Mallorca.

What were your 2019 highlights?

My personal highlight is that my weddings have focused on quality over quantity. It’s no longer about huge guest lists, the wedding parties are getting smaller, (close families and friends,) but there is a lot of attention put into the quality of the chosen providers. I worked on a few really nice, intimate weddings which were filled with elegant and beautiful details despite it being a small celebration. This I really enjoyed and appreciated.

The newlyweds walk through the tropical garden of their dream wedding venue in Spain.
The newlyweds walk through the tropical garden of their dream wedding venue in Spain.

Which are you favourite venues and why?

I do not really have a favourite venue, but I do love weddings on the beach, although it’s quite tough to photograph them. Trying to create a private setting on a touristy island isn’t easy. I also like shooting at fincas inland or tucked away in the mountains, as they can have amazing view. The more quaint corners and different areas a venue provides, the more the creativity it allows me. You can turn in any direction and still be able to take a nice shot.

Beautiful Wedding Venue & Couple
Beautiful Wedding Venue & Couple in Spain.

Did you do or try anything different this year?

I really tried to go back to good quality photography, without thinking of any filters etc. I want the colours to pop and everyone to look amazing in fabulous surroundings.
Most couples choose Mallorca because of the sun, the blue colour of the sky and the sea, the green almond trees, or the blueish green olive trees. I try to capture these things and the colours of the med in as natural a way as possible. After a period of moving in a modern and edgy direction, I see myself going back to a beautiful, timeless, classical style of capturing a wedding.

Newly Married Couple Getting Photo Taken
Newly Married Couple in sunny Spain.

What do you like about living in Mallorca?

For the past twenty years I have called this place home. I may have dabbled with London and San Francisco but Mallorca is where my heart is. It’s the way of life here that I love so much. I am lucky to have made great friends here and also fantastic work colleagues. I think it helps a lot that I love what I do, so it’s not really a job to me. I get to be surrounded by happy people on a very important day for them, celebrating with their family and friends in amazing locations.

The groom and his crew in southern Spain.
The groom and his crew in Spain’s Mallorca.

Do you have any funny stories from weddings in 2019?

I had to sew a bride into her dress as part of her zipper broke when she sat down. We had a big laugh and she was very thankful. It all worked out perfectly and nobody noticed.

The Lads
The Lads in Spain.

Do you have a special memory from 2019 you would like to share?

The day before one of my weddings, the bridal couple experienced a personal tragedy. The wedding went ahead and couldn’t be cancelled, but the news was kept from the guests. At one point during the day the wedding singer launched into a really emotional song. The couple were in tears and it wasn’t long before I joined them. It created a special bond between us. However, as the guests were unaware of what had happened, they must have thought I was an extremely emotional photographer.

What trends did you notice this year?

Like I mentioned before, smaller weddings but higher quality weddings. I also saw an increase in bookings for entire weekends, so I cover the pre wedding event and the brunch the day after the main celebration as well.

Stunning black and white wedding photo.
Elegant black and white wedding photo of the newlyweds.

What will you do differently next year?

I hope to shoot the weddings in the style I love. I want to capture the colours, the beautiful light and the pastel and blue tones of the med. I will focus on natural classical wedding photography, having a good time with the bride and groom and their families and friends.

The Girls
The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids in Mallorca, Spain.

In 2020 what are you most looking forward to?

Having a great time with my bridal couples. A good connection is really important to me. I want to be a part of the wedding and help make it a special day for everyone.
I love to photograph weddings, so I am looking forward to having my camera in my hands again.

Newly Married Couple
Newly Married Couple in Spain.