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Best Weddings Of 2018


Sunshine Weddings Founder & Owner Recaps On A Busy Year…

As the year comes to an end, Scott reminisces about the highs and lows of 2018, Sunshine Weddings’ most successful wedding season to date. No one said being a wedding planner in Spain would be easy, but Scott and the team have enjoyed it every step of the way.

Bride and groom walking down the aisle, Lluís, wedding videographer
A happy newly-wed couple in Southern Spain.

As this interview is being written, I am currently spending time with family in Manhattan, and, in typical Scott style, I have managed to fit into my holiday meetings with three bridal couples, numerous Skype calls to clients and conference sessions with my team, but I can assure you all that my phone will go off after five local time. Fingers crossed.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our amazing wedding vendors who have worked tirelessly alongside our team this year, to make sure that every one of our couples received the best possible service and care. We pride ourselves on working only with the best in the wedding industry, and this year it really has been brought home to me just how important a strong team is. The success of a wedding is never down to one individual; there are always multiple pieces to the jigsaw.

Scott Wedding Planner
Scott Gibbons, director and founder of Sunshine Weddings Spain.

I must also mention my own team, Sunshine Weddings: without a doubt I wouldn’t have been able to get through this record breaking year without them. My team goes above and beyond what I ask them, on a near-daily basis. It gives me such peace of mind that when I hand over a job to them I know it will be done to the same standard as if I had done it myself. We are very much a service-driven company and pride ourselves on being very responsive to our clients – the Spanish phrase ‘mañana, mañana,’ definitely isn’t our motto.

The Love Hunters - Bride and groom
Sunshine Weddings Spain help make dreams become a reality.

When working in the wedding industry there are always going to be obstacles that need to be overcome and 2018 was no different. It is how you deal with these issues that sets you apart. I always, always have a plan b and a plan c, so that my couples know whatever is thrown at us, their wedding day will go on as planned and be the day they always dreamed of.

One of my favourite aspects of my job is meeting people from all over the world. From our three day wedding extravaganza for a wonderful couple from the Philippines to our stunning Persian bride walking down the aisle in a rustic Andalucian restaurant.

The Love Hunters - a bride in the Moroccan desert
A stunning bride, people from all over the world come to Spain to get married.

I can’t say there was a single favourite moment of 2018, because there were so many that come to mind. Simply seeing the look on my clients’ faces on their wedding day makes everything so rewarding. One highlight I must mention is being invited to Moscow to watch England play in the semi-final of the World Cup with one of my couples (the groom was British and the bride Russian). Being a huge footie fan this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Sadly the result didn’t go our way, but the experience was something I will never forget.

Another great memory from this summer was when we took over Mijas Pueblo with the wedding of our couple from the Philippines. As far as the eye could see Mijas town was filled with wedding guests in a riot of beautiful colours, and we kept getting stopped by tourists asking where the show was, much to the amusement of the bride and groom.


After the big day, we strive to keep in contact with our couples and this helps us greatly when it comes to receiving client feedback. We truly value our couples’ opinions and we’re delighted with the excellent post-bridal response we received. Great reviews only make us want to work harder and continue to achieve excellence for the following season.

Sunshine Weddings Spain values the number of success stories they help create.

For me personally, it has never been and never will be about the number of weddings we are involved in. It is about the number of success stories we help to create. On that note I would like to wish all my clients and colleagues a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Roll on wedding season 2019!