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Wedding Planner In Spain


Wedding Planner In Spain: Reviews The Year’ 2013…

A note from Scott Gibbons Director and Wedding Planner at Sunshine Weddings Spain:

Wedding theme in Spain
Wedding theme in Spain.

“What a year 2013 has been! We’ve had some amazing weddings in Spain this year with fun in the sun and loads of happy contented bridal couples, and 2014 is showing all the signs of a better and even busier year approaching with weddings in Spain across all our destinations Barcelona, Malaga & Mallorca.

Whilst Spain has suffered from her economy in recent years the growth of weddings in Spain have increased massively year on year.

There has been no more than 24 hours of rain since the beginning of June in the Malaga region, and the average daily temperature during the month of November did not fall below 16 degrees showing almost 325 days of dry weather over the past year.

wedding in spain
Wedding in Spain.

Sunshine is usually the no 1 factor why most bridal couples choose to get married in Spain and with the many choice of wedding venues in Spain the attraction to get married in the sun is becoming increasingly more popular.

Hacienda in Mijas Spain
Hacienda wedding venue in Mijas, Spain.

Stunning locations both by the sea, or in the mountains, and in rural areas fulfill bride and groom’s with their dream wedding settings who are getting married in Spain, and with many holiday resorts guests have the option to make their stay short, with a week-end break, or to make a real holiday and embrace the party atmosphere of the wedding in Spain they have been invited to.

Bride & groom romantic wedding in Mijas
Bride & Groom romantic wedding in Mijas.

Also the ease of flight accessibility is a major reason why weddings in Spain are chosen over many other European countries like Cyprus, where the flight time is closer to 5 hours, in comparison to Spain, which can be accessed in approximately 2 hours from most European destinations. Spain also offers cheaper flights and is a more cost effective solution for guests to travel from International airports. Choosing either Barcelona, Mallorca or Malaga as your wedding destination in Spain compared to other, further afield, European countries offers easier access and a higher volume of flights from almost every regional UK and Irish airport in addition to most other European countries.

beach wedding locations spain
Beach wedding locations Spain.

During 2013 the Sunshine Wedding Spain team have worked extremely hard with the two key focuses. The first; ensuring that we find the right solution for each bride & groom, offering a bespoke service and adapting our knowledge and service providers and ideas so each bridal couple can have their own tailor made wedding in Spain. The second is we have built our teams working ethics and values to ensuring each wedding in Spain is perfect with a smooth planning process offering a stress free experience to all our bridal couples who are getting married in Spain.

Bride getting married in Spain
Bride getting married in Spain.

With the number of increased weddings in Spain being booked for next and anticipated wedding proposals over the festive season and on New Year’s Eve the Sunshine Weddings Spain teams are all geared up and raring to go!!!

Romantic beach wedding in Spain.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, and all the Sunshine Weddings Spain teams in Barcelona, Mallorca, Malaga and the UK, to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and we look forward to speaking to all the bridal couples getting married in Spain in 2014!!

Best wishes,

Scott Gibbons