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Wedding Planner In Spain: A Note From Scott Gibbons…

Scott Gibbons, Wedding Planner.
Scott Gibbons, Wedding Planner.

As we have now entered the final furlong of this years wedding season, we decided to drop in on our boss, Scott Gibbons, and get his thoughts on 2019 so far.

‘It’s been another fantastic season for Sunshine Weddings, especially in regards to the growth and experience our team has gained this year. We have a number of new venues that have come onboard and we have hit the ground running with them. It’s as if we have been working with their teams and catering staff for many many years.

Jewish Wedding in Ronda Spain | Ronda Destination Wedding Venue
 Ronda Destination Wedding Venue.

Looking back at feedback that we have had from our bridal couples so far, we are probably having our best year to date. I am still managing to keep a very personal relationship with all of our clients and am available to chat with them at any time, although on a day to day basis they have a dedicated person from my team who is always there to support them. This relationship works well because we always have someone sitting at the desk, Monday to Friday, during typical office hours, working away on our clients needs. Although, there are one or two team members who have become a bit addicted to working nights and weekends during the wedding season, which shows their total commitment to their job. This was before I offered a bonus for those who excel, ha ha. It shows it’s in their blood.

I think we are very lucky as a team. We don’t have a huge team but what we do have is a group of individuals who share one passion. they are so conscientious about creating a very special day for our couples. There are some people who are so blase about a wedding and thats totally the opposite of what we are all about For us, it is all about achieving that success of a great wedding. Our buzz is based on self achievement, once we hear from the bridal couple that they had the perfect day we only THEN do know we have done our job well Of course there are times when there are ‘knock on’ situations, which can happen, but it’s very much how we deal with them that sets us apart.

The wedding party in the sunshine.

We spend years and years in planning, which is only one part of our job. It’s also about the delivery of the coordination and this is the key to the smoothness of the day. There are timings which need to be met and if they are not achieved for example, there are consequences. We have a very small window in terms of the hours within the day to make everything happen in the way that the couple have specified.

In some ways, the strength of Sunshine Weddings has been shown this year through third party issues that have taken place and the way that we have to step in to resolve them. Some could be local authority based and very much out of anyones hands. Some are down to venues where they have been taken over by a new company. When situations like this arose, we made sure the couples knew we were on the ground dealing with the issues and were constantly in contact to reassure them ‘ Thank God for Whatsapp Like it was programmed in me, the first thing I did when I woke up was contact them and at night as I would send a message, ‘I am going to sleep now, I will message you in the morning,’ Just showing you are there for them. Sunshine Weddings, as a team, we are personal, thats what we are, and thats where we want to be long term.

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While we do oversee a lot of weddings, we are still grateful for every single one that we are involved in. April and August were record breakers. This year we planned 89 weddings in Malaga and 11 Mallorca. For next year we have already secured 15 in Mallorca which we are busy working on now As this blog goes to print, we have celebrated our 60th booking for next year. Bring on 2020 for Sunshine Weddings, onwards and upwards.