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Wedding Reception Cigar Roller Spain | Luxury cigar wedding favors


Discover the ultimate cigar experience by having a cigar roller at your wedding in Spain…

Cigar roller Spain
Jose Maria, wedding reception cigar roller Spain.

For many people, a cigar immortalises events or experiences in one’s life; a symbol of success or celebration, and there aren’t many celebrations that come bigger than a wedding!

So if you’re looking to add a bit of fun and a touch of class to your wedding day, or want to the momentous day to be just as memorable for the Groom and the guys as it is for the bride and her tribe, then sit back, chill out and read on as we chat with third-generation cigar roller maestro, Jose Maria from Torcedor de Puros who gives an insight into this time-honoured tradition and sheds light on how you can offer a nonpareil cigar experience to your wedding guests on your special day.

Hola Jose Maria, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today. Please tell us a little about your career as a cigar roller. How did it all start?

I am a third generation cigar roller, and my grandfather and my father were also cigar rollers. From a young age, I was fascinated by the art of cigar making and learned everything I could from my grandfather. My grandfather taught me all about the selection of the tobacco, the preparation of the leaves, the blending of the flavours and the technique of rolling the cigars. During my teenage years, I spent much of my free time in my grandfather’s factory, observing and helping in any way I could.

Over time, I developed my cigar twisting skills and began to create my own cigars. I realised that I had a passion for cigar making and that I wanted to carry on my family’s legacy.

Eventually, I decided to start my own live cigar service company for weddings and high-end events. This was an opportunity to share my passion for cigars with others and to provide a unique and memorable experience for my clients.

Dried tobacco leaves.
Tell us about the typical service you offer at a wedding?

We have a mobile cigar lounge for weddings where we offer a personalised service to make sure that guests have a unique and memorable experience.

In short, our service offers a personalised, educational and memorable experience for guests. We ensure that we provide high quality service and guarantee customer satisfaction at all times.

Tell us about the cigar experience from the customer’s perspective?

The experience of smoking a good cigar can be a truly memorable and relaxing experience. From the selection of the cigar to the preparation and the moment of enjoyment. The whole process can be a delight for the senses.

As a cigar roller, I am committed to providing my customers with the best possible experience and ensuring that every cigar is of high quality and exceptional taste.

Cigar rolling, a time-honoured tradition.
Are there any misconceptions about cigars?

Yes, there are some common misconceptions about cigars that can confuse cigar smokers and even some non-smokers.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions:

Cigars are the same as cigarettes: This is a common misconception, as cigars and cigarettes are two completely different products. Cigars are made from whole tobacco leaves, while cigarettes are made from a mixture of chopped tobacco and other additives.

Cigar smoking is just as bad for your health as cigarette smoking: While it is true that smoking cigars can be harmful to health, the amount of smoke inhaled is significantly less than that of cigarettes. In addition, cigar smokers do not inhale smoke in the same way as cigarette smokers.

Cigars are only for men: This is a common misconception, since cigars can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender. In fact, there are many women who enjoy cigars and they are increasingly becoming an important demographic for cigar manufacturers.

Cigar rolling, the final stages.

Cigars are only for the wealthy: While some cigars can be expensive, there are also many more affordable options available. In addition, cigar smoking does not have to be a costly habit and can be enjoyed as an occasional and special experience.

It is important to understand these misconceptions and have an accurate understanding of the cigar world in order to enjoy cigars in a safe and satisfying way.

Where do you import the tobacco from?

We have our own plantation in Mexico, from where we import everything and even sell to other brands.

What kind of music do you suggest while enjoying a good cigar?

The choice of music to enjoy a good cigar will depend largely on the personal preferences of the smoker and the environment in which the cigar is being enjoyed. In general, the music selected should complement the cigar experience and help create a relaxing atmosphere.

All music is good.

The final product, a cigar.


What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my work as a cigar roller and founder of “Torcedor de Puros” is the opportunity to share my passion for cigars with other people and give them a unique and memorable experience.

I love to see the look of satisfaction on a customer’s face after enjoying one of my cigars and knowing that I have contributed to creating a special moment for them. I also enjoy the opportunity to educate customers about the different types of tobacco and how a cigar is made.

In addition, I enjoy the artisanal and creative aspect of my work as each cigar I create is unique and requires specific skills and techniques.

A luxury, hand-made cigar.

Cigar making is a blend of science and art, and I love to explore new combinations of flavours and techniques to create an exceptional product.

Inshort, what I love most about my job is the opportunity to share my passion for cigars with others, provide a unique and memorable experience and to continue my family’s legacy of cigar making.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to read about different topics and learn new things.

A huge GRACIAS, for your time with this insightful interview and providing these cigar rolling images. We look forward to seeing bridal couples and their guests enjoy you artisanal art this wedding season and beyond.
Guests enjoying a cigar rolling experience.