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Wedding Sax Spain | Interview with popular Saxophonist on the Costa del Sol


Wedding sax player in Spain; the perfect fit to add a real touch of class to your special day…

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Adrian Jimenez Diaz, wedding saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain.


The solo saxophone player is becoming an ever popular choice for wedding breakfast receptions or for after dinner, providing the ideal live music addition to your special day.

Today Sunshine Weddings Spain chats to popular wedding sax player, Adrian Jimenez Diaz, based in Malaga.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Adrian Jimenez Diaz, wedding Saxophonist performing in Marbella’s Puerto Banus.


Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule Adrian, tell us, where does your story as a sax player begin?

My father is a musician, singer and entertainer performing the typical Spanish Sevillana music (a type of folk music and dance of Sevilla and its region) and rumbas, so music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I was enrolled in a music conservatory when I was 8 years old, and by the age of 13 I had started performing at festivals with my father. At 16 I started playing the Sax and one year later I started performing professionally.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Wedding saxophonist based in sunny Malaga, Spain.


What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

I would have to say performing for an MTV show and also at a music festival in Tangier. Iíve also played at many VIP clubs in Marbellaís Puerto Banus, but Iím only 25 years old, so I hope more opportunities come my way and I can play at bigger events.

Iím also a basketball player and a few years ago, I was given the chance to play for a club in Dubai, however at the time I was signed up to a Malaga club and couldnít go, but if a similar opportunity arose, I would quite happily take it.

That said, my dream is to continue living in Malaga, which is where my family live, but have the opportunity to travel through my music.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Adrian Jimenez Diaz, talented saxophonist based in Spain’s Malaga.


How did you get into performing at weddings?

I started working twice a week at a popular bar in Puerto Banus called “Black & White,” the clients like how I played and soon I was getting called to play at other establishments, at one of these other places I was spotted by some Spanish clients who approached me and asked me if I wanted to perform at their wedding.

I agreed and from that wedding I was asked to perform at another one and things just took off from there. In fact, Iíve never had to advertise and even wedding venues contact me directly to book me for celebrations.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Wedding sax player in Spain.


Iíve been told you perform on roller skates, is this true? How did you get the idea of mixing the two acts together?

It’s actually a hoverboard (like a skateboard but with wheels), it caught my attention after seeing some NBA players with them on social media, it looked fun so I bought one with the idea of using it as a means of transport for work, you see when working in Puerto Banus I have to leave my car quite far from the port and it’s a bit of a trek carrying my saxophone, but much easier and faster on the hoverboard.

Before, I used to always leave my hoverboard under the stage, but one day I saw that there was enough space to play and ride around the tables at the restaurant I was working at, so without thinking twice I went to the general manager and asked if I could continue my performance riding my hoverboard, at first he was a bit hesitant, worried about possible accidents, but I reassured him that it would be all under control and he finally agreed.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Adrian Jimenez Diaz, playing the sax on his hoverboard in Malaga, Spain.

However, despite my confidence that I could pull it off it was not something I had actually practised before, so to play it safe I started with some slow songs to get into the rhythm. To my surprise it was actually much easier than I had imagined and by that point all the customers at the restaurant were going crazy taking photos and videos of me, the act also brought in loads more customers.

So thankfully, my improvised and innovative idea ended up being a total success and now I actually prefer to perform on the hoverboard as it adds to my flow.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Beach party in Spain.


Do you have a playlist, how do you deal with requests?

I do have a playlist in case clients or bridal couples ask me for it, however itís rarely requested as the majority of people who hire me have already listened to me previously, so they trust my performance and like what I do.

But like Iíve said, I do have a playlist that I can gladly send out if asked and if the bride and groom have a favourite song and they tell me in advance, I can learn it for them.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain
Adrian Jimenez Diaz, sax player entertainer.


How do you define your music mainly?

House, that’s what I’m most often asked for, also: chill out, pop, rap, hip hop, jazz and electro saxówhich is perhaps the most unusual.

Obviously, the 10 years in the music conservatory taught me to play all the classics, like Mozart and it gives you a good base, but those songs arenít typically requested.

As a performer, which is your favourite part of the wedding?

Everything has its magical part, but for me, as a performer, I would have to say I most enjoy playing the sax during the wedding after-party which is where I see people really enjoying themselves and enjoying hearing me perform.

That said, the cocktail hour is always nice as I get to play slower and more romantic songs which I also enjoy playing.

Adrian Jimenez Diaz,Wedding Saxophonist based in Malaga, Spain.
Adrian Jimenez Diaz performing in Puerto Banus, Marbella.


Which musicians inspire you?

Without a doubt, my father. A man who’s been performing, singing and entertaining all his life. He never received any formal music education, his school was trial and error, but what he instilled in meóthe art of how to perform and communicate with the audience in order to motivate and get a party goingóis priceless and canít be learnt in a music school.

For me, my father is a genius, a natural-born showman, and Iím fortunate that he has passed all his knowledge on to me.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings Spain, a huge thank you for your time and colourful insight into the saxophone world, also for all the fun photos. We hope to hear you very soon in the up-coming wedding season.