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Wedding singer Spain | Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist on the Costa del Sol


Getting the right selection of music will really enhance your big day. For the perfect blend of elegance and romance, look no further than today’s feature guest, the wonderfully talented wedding singer Martin Joseph.

Wedding Singer Spain, Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist on the Costa del Sol
Martin Joseph, Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist on the Costa del Sol.

As an artist, Martin has an incredible impressive CV, with over 20 years experience under his belt and rated as as one of Europe’s finest Frank Sinatra & Rat Pack Performers, Martin has been singing at the iconic Marbella Club for the past two years and sings in Madrid three times per week at one of the capital’s most exclusive restaurants Tatel, which is owned by Rafa Nadel, Cristiano Ronaldo and Enrique Iglesias.

Martin Joseph wedding singer Spain
Martin Joseph, wedding singer in Spain.

Additionally, just before everything came to a standstill because of Covid, Martin was on a National tour with the show “My Way, El Musical – La Vida de Frank Sinatra” with a 17 piece orchestra and 4 actors.

And that’s only scratching the surface of his musical accolades…

Without further ado, let’s dive in to find out more about the man who has been quoted to have “a voice like fine aged Bourbon.”

Wedding singer Spain
Wedding singer Martin Joseph, rated as as one of Europe’s finest Frank Sinatra & Rat Pack Performers.

Thanks for talking with us today, Martin, tell us, when did you start singing? And when did you realise that you could interpret Sinatra so flawlessly?

I started singing in folk clubs/bars when I was 16. From about 19 yrs old I was always singing Sinatra songs with a group of friends (I have no idea why) and at that time I was in a band called “Tequila” singing Eagles covers and that kind of music.

Then I was in the travel business so not around enough to be in a band and in fact I didn’t sing in public for about 20 years!

I could always sing like Frank. I can’t really explain why, it was just something I could do.

Wedding singe spain.
Martin Joseph, the man who has been quoted to have “a voice like fine aged Bourbon.”

Who is your biggest inspiration, after Frank Sinatra of course!?

My biggest inspiration? My mother and grandmother. Their kindness and goodness are with me every day. My grandmother was legendary, her front door was never shut.

Wedding singer Spain
Martin Joseph, performing at a wedding in Spain.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement to date is, without a second’s hesitation, my daughter Kaity. I don’t know anything that can top helping to create an amazing new human being (she’s 23 and a scientist – go figure!).

Aside from that when I was growing up I dreamed (in Technicolour!) of singing in front of a big band so every time that happens, whether it’s here in Spain, or in Sweden or Denmark or anywhere it’s a massive thrill. All of those guys (and girls) that have learnt and studied and practiced, all playing together to make you sound great. It’s an indescribable feeling.

Wedding singer Spain
Live wedding entertainment in Spain.

Your classy, elegant style makes you the perfect choice as a wedding singer, at which stage of the wedding day are you most requested to perform at, and do you have a preference?

I’ve performed at so many weddings both daytime and in the evening. I don’t really have a preference, obviously the evening weddings are sometimes generally more upbeat and my job is to leave the dance floor full and cue the DJ for the rest of the night.

Do you have a wedding song list? What are the five most popular song requests?

Yes I have a wedding playlist, adapted to each particular client and any requests they have. Many couples have a special song which needs to be incorporated which I will always do and learn if I have to (OK I drew the line at The Pussycat Dolls!)

  1. Love & Marriage
  2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
  3. The Rose
  4. That’s Amore
  5. The Look of Love

The most bizarre request was a couple’s “walk out” song which was the “Match of the Day” theme tune!

Wedding singer Spain
Martin Joseph has been performing for over 20 years as a professional singer.

Do you perform with a band at weddings?

Yes I’ve performed with a band (normally 8 piece) at many weddings, including many Jewish weddings, so we have those traditional songs learnt too.

With over 15 years experience as a professional wedding singer, any funny anecdotes that spring to mind?

Too many to list! However, once we did a “Big fat Gipsy Gangster wedding” and on the way into the venue, the wedding photographer stopped us and said “watch yourselves boys, they’ve already threatened to kill me twice and I’ve only taken 10 shots!”

Finally, I’m always mindful of how special this day is to the bride and groom and all of their family and friends so I always give it my very best and try to engage with everyone.

I’m also aware that I’m a big part of their memory of the day and I take that responsibility seriously (and try to have loads of fun, of course!).

Thank you very much to Martin Joseph for this fabulously fun and fascinating interview and for providing all the wonderful imagery.

Wedding singer Spain
Martin Joseph, Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist on the Costa del Sol.