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A Fascinating Interview with ‘Surprise’ Wedding Singer, Laura…

We love the versatility of your singing talent. Not only are you a fantastic solo artist and part of a tribute band, you perform ‘surprises’ at weddings too. Can you tell us a little bit more about your flirty waitress and (pretend) drunk support waiter routine? 
The concept is ‘hidden waiters’. This is a great touch to add to your special day. It involves myself and any number of other singers or musicians – depending on the budget – posing as members of the waiting staff for a while, acting in a slightly confusing manner (for example being over  familiar with the guests, secretly sipping from wine glasses etc). The element of surprise comes in when we stage a small disagreement but then burst into song!

Laura, surprise wedding singer
Laura, popular wedding singer.

You are a creative entertainer, something which truly sets you apart. But where do you get your inspiration and what made you start to put it into action in your performances?
My late granddad was a singer and a great personality, so my natural passion probably comes from him. I also grew up watching legendary female actress entertainers such as Liza Minnelli and Barbra Streisand. I realised that to captivate an audience, sometimes you need the big personality to match the voice.

How do guests react when they finally catch on to your act? Their expressions and cheers must be amazing.
It’s a great feeling to see the confused reactions from the guests when you interact before you burst into song… and then their faces when they realise the truth! You need skilled actors/singers to carry out this role as it’s vital you get the balance right on the day…

How long have you been performing in southern Spain?
I have been living and working on the Costa del Sol  for over 8 years. I originally moved here when I did my own shows on the cruise lines as it was (in my opinion) a nicer base than the UK, and there was more work here that suited my experience.

Laura, surprise wedding singer
Costa del Sol based wedding singer.

Another fabulous ‘surprise’ idea that you are currently working on is for singers and musicians to be placed all around the ceremony (sitting among the wedding guests), and, as the bridal couple depart, they would then start to sing them out from all sections of that area, creating a superb finale to the official part of the wedding, and a great stepping stone for the party to follow. We get goosebumps just thinking about it! Can you give us any more details as to how this would play out? It sounds so uplifting, as well as pure fun…
This is similar to the ‘hidden waiter’ in the sense that it is booked as a surprise for either the guests or the bridal couple to enjoy, but there is no interaction beforehand. If you think of the scene in the film Love Actually, when the couple emerge from the church and all the musicians pop out to join together to sing ‘All You Need is Love’, this will give you a clear picture of what can be done. This can be tailored to any budget going from 2 vocalists up to a full orchestra.

You must have entertained at so many memorable weddings. Can you share some of your favourite moments?
I have quite a few as you said but some that stand out are a wedding in a Cortijo which we did with the hidden singing waiters, where we got the bridal party and groomsmen along with the couple to do a dance off in the middle of their wedding breakfast. It was unforgettable: organized madness and euphoria!

Another stand out moment as a soloist was when I specially edited 2 chosen tracks together for a couple for their first dance. It started as a beautiful ballad then went into an upbeat Motown number – again adding the element of surprise for the guests.

Laura, surprise wedding singer
Laura, surprise wedding singer.

And finally, a very memorable church wedding where I arranged a Spanish harp player that I sang with in the church in Marbella old town. It was so beautiful with the church acoustics. 

Many of last year’s weddings have been moved to 2021 and we anticipate the celebrations to be more epic than ever, what are you most looking forward to when it comes to being part of a couple’s special day?
I really feel for couples who have had to change their plans so much. Thankfully, most of those dates that were reserved for 2021, I have been able to move so they don’t lose their deposits. I really enjoy the planning process with the brides especially, and within church guidelines, I love to create their vision especially for their grand entrance. This is the best part of the ceremony: seeing the couples being reunited at the altar – or with the celebrant if it’s a blessing outside of a church.

Where can we find you outside of the wedding season?
I perform at a stunning venue every Sunday in the beautiful port of Marbella called The Harbour. It looks out onto the boats and is surrounded by the beautiful décor of blossom trees and fire pits on some of the tables. It’s a great place for clients to come and listen to me, to see a range of my voice for a ceremony, cocktail hour, or even reception.

If I had a slogan for myself as a wedding vocalist it would be something along the lines of… ‘If you can dream it, I can do it!’.

Here at Sunshine Weddings Spain, we don’t doubt that at all. Laura’s singing repertoire blows us away. So unique, fun, polished to perfection, and creative. We can’t wait to work with her during the up-coming wedding season. A huge thank you to Laura for her time in helping us create this blog, and the intriguing insight into her professional world.