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Styling Tips For Brides Getting Married In Spain


Styling Tips For Brides Getting Married In Spain…

Bride chooses orange blossom for her wedding in Spain
Bride chooses orange blossom for her wedding in Spain.

Spring time is here and as the season for weddings in Spain is now underway I thought it would be helpful for our brides-to-be to have some handy tips and advice on how to select their wedding hair and make up artist in Spain, and also the best way to prepare so you can look stunning at your wedding in Spain!

I spoke to Lorraine from Princess-Bride who has worked for many years in Spain, and internationally, as a professional hair and make up stylist. In this weeks blog, Lorraine shares with us her expertise and insight into making sure you choose the right person for the job, followed by part two,’where Lorraine will tells us some fantastic hand tips on how to choose your desired look and how you should prepare for your big day if you are getting married in Spain.

Bridal makeup at her wedding in Spain.


Why is it so important to have a hair and make up artist for your wedding in Spain?

Going to such lengths to create and capture such an amazing day spent with your closest family and friends, it only seems fitting you should look amazing. It’s so important to have someone who knows and understands what is needed to achieve a long lasting style to withstand the changing climate and weather conditions at your wedding in Spain as they do vary from inland to coast and where humidity and wind can play a part. You want to make sure your look will last throughout the day so it’s best to have an expert who is used to working under pressure in the Spanish climate and most importantly, who consistently produces stunning results so all you have to do is sit back and be pampered

How does a bride go about choosing her hair and make up artist for her wedding in Spain?

Recommendation goes a long way. The majority of brides go by the recommendation of their trusted wedding planner in Spain. From there, a bride will want to see evidence of an artists’ previous work and the feedback given from their past brides. By reading their make up artist’s testimonial pages, this should provide an insight to how experienced they are and if their style of work is suited to the individual.

Spanish wedding planners introduced hair and makeup artist.

What should a bride look for in her hair and make up artist in Spain to make sure she is the right person for the job?

Real evidence‘of their work I show both transformation evidence and professional images wherever possible. I think to show a bride the breadth of my skills is essential. Images that capture the beauty of each bride who is getting married in Spain as an individual, shows you that your artist really knows and understands what needs to be done for you to look stunning both in person and on camera.

Professionalism,’‘it’s not just about doing the physical job on the day of your wedding in Spain. It starts from the very 1st contact all the way to the wedding day. This cannot be taught. It comes from the experience of working within situations where only the best service of one’s ability at all times is acceptable.

Hair and makeup artist in Spain.

Communication,‘is key. Conversing with brides from all over the world who are getting married in Spain, requires awareness and diplomacy when it comes to language barriers. A bride must feel comfortable from her correspondence and have no questions or doubts as to the artists’ character.

Punctuality,‘from emails to appointment times on the day. As timing is so important on your wedding day in Spain, it is imperative to show good time management skills from the moment 1st contact is made.

Styling brides wedding Spain.

Experience of producing desired hairstyles on various hair types and states Producing flawless makeup on all ranges of skin tones.

Patience & Understanding, regardless of the amount of weddings in Spain I have experienced, each bride’s wedding is her first.

Beautiful bride in Spain.