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Wedding Venues In Marbella


Wedding Venues In Marbella…

wedding in Spain
Destination wedding in Spain.

“It’s a great feeling when you have spent a day driving a bridal couple through Spanish coastal areas and countryside routes visiting a selection of Spanish wedding venues. By the end of the day, and with high spirits, the bridal couples normally have a favourite or selection of favourite wedding venues in Spain.”

Night view of a beachside wedding venue in Spain.

Scott who manages our offices in southern Spain, and has the great job of being able to take brides and grooms out on venue tours along the coast and inland,’discusses the type of wedding venues in Marbella, which have been extremely popular throughout 2013, and also, which style of wedding venues in Marbella has been booked for 2014 and 2015!

countryside wedding venue in Spain
Countryside wedding venue in Spain.

“Interestingly enough there are over 20 wedding venues in Marbella, which have been booked by a Sunshine Weddings Spain bridal couples over the past year. There are a number of different styles of wedding venues in Marbella to choose from including villas, boutique hotels, luxury beach clubs, but to name a few in either a beach, rural, mountain or sea view setting.

beach club wedding venue in Marbella
Beach club wedding venue in Marbella.

Once a bridal couple has seen a number of potential wedding venues in Marbella, the most popular question Scott is asked is; what is his favourite wedding venue in Marbella.

mountain view wedding venue in Marbella
Mountain view wedding venue in Spain’s Marbella.

His answer is logical, “It very much depends on the type of setting e.g. sea, mountains, boutique intimate hotel, villa style venue etc, you prefer. Each bridal couple is different and so is their vision; what might work best for one bridal couple might not work another Each couple sees something different and unique in every venue but one factor remains the same; to make sure their dream wedding venue in Marbella has that wow factor which will make their wedding day in Spain so special.”

sea view wedding venue in marbella
Sea view wedding venue in marbella, Spain.

“There are several villa wedding venues in Marbella that have become more popular for the following reasons.

* location from the airport

* wow factor of the venue

* great food and value for the quality you get when you get married in Spain

* flow of areas for the ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing”

Villa wedding in Marbella
Villa wedding in Marbella.

If you would like to experience one of the many fabulous wedding venues in Marbella then please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of the Sunshine Weddings Spain team who will be happy to answer your queries.

stunning sea view venue in Marbella
Stunning sea view venue in Marbella.