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A comprehensive guide to destination weddings in Marbella: Your ultimate romantic escape


Get married in a stunning spot on Spain’s Costa del Sol


Destination weddings in Marbella is surging in popularity right now among loved up couples. In a market where destination weddings are already so popular, people are opting for Marbella in the south of Spain, so what makes this location the ultimate romantic escape? Sunshine Weddings Spain has compiled the ultimate guide for you on destination weddings in Marbella. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into why Marbella is a top pick for destination weddings, explore the reasons behind its growing appeal, suggest exciting activities for wedding guests, and shed light on the delightful climate that sets the stage for unforgettable celebrations.

Why Marbella?

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, Marbella exudes an irresistible allure that captivates couples worldwide. Its enchanting blend of picturesque beaches, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant cultural scene makes it an idyllic setting for exchanging vows amidst breathtaking beauty. Marbella boasts an array of exquisite venues ranging from luxurious beachfront resorts to charming villas, rustic fincas and historic haciendas, ensuring couples find the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding.

Marbella’s convenient accessibility, with its close proximity to Malaga Airport, makes it a hassle-free destination for both local and international guests. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere, infused with Andalusian charm, sets the stage for a memorable wedding experience filled with romance, elegance, and boundless joy.

destination weddings in Marbella
More couples are opting for Marbella

Top of the list: Marbella named one of Europe’s best destinations

If you don’t believe us, then here’s something else to consider. Marbella was earlier this year named the best place to visit in Europe by a prestigious online travel website. The Costa del Sol resort finished at the top of a poll conducted by the European Best Destinations website, picking up 149,192 votes from the portal’s thousands of readers. It’s the highest vote for any location since the website started the annual survey in 2009. A total of 84% of people who chose Marbella as the best European destination were voters from outside Spain, with the town finishing at the top of the list for UK and American visitors.

As it happens, Sunshine Weddings Spain receives a great deal of interest each year from couples from both of these parts of the world hoping to recite their vows to their loved ones along the sunny shores of southern Spain, and Marbella is often their first choice, and how can it not be?

In the poll, Marbella even finished above the likes of Monaco and Malta, which came second and third, in a short-list of 20 European locations that included Geneva, Batumi, Georgia, Madeira, Florence, and London. The final list was cut down from 500 destinations with more than a million votes cast from 172 countries.

In recent years, Marbella has witnessed a surge in popularity as a sought-after destination for weddings, drawing couples from around the globe. There are several reasons behind this burgeoning trend:

Marbella boasts some of the best wedding venues

Destination weddings in Marbella: Exquisite venues

Marbella offers an unparalleled selection of venues, ranging from lavish beach clubs and luxury resorts to intimate gardens and historic estates. Whether couples envision a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, they can find the perfect venue to bring their wedding dreams to life.

Stunning Andalusian scenery

With its pristine beaches, lush gardens, and majestic mountains as a backdrop, Marbella provides an enchanting setting for weddings. The stunning scenery ensures that every moment, from the ceremony to the reception, is infused with natural beauty and romance.

Mediterranean cuisine

Marbella’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of traditional Spanish flavors and international influences. Couples can treat their guests to a gastronomic journey featuring delectable tapas, fresh seafood, and fine wines, creating a feast to remember.

Vibrant culture

From its charming Old Town with its cobblestone streets and historic landmarks to its lively nightlife and cultural festivals, Marbella offers couples and their guests a vibrant tapestry of experiences to enjoy. Whether exploring art galleries, indulging in shopping sprees, or savoring the local cuisine, there’s no shortage of activities to make the wedding celebration truly unforgettable.

Year-round sunshine is a major drawcard

Destination weddings in Marbella: Show your guests a good time

While in Marbella for a destination wedding, guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to exciting activities to enhance their stay. The destination has it all, from crystal clear waters, golden sand, panoramic sea and mountain views, rolling hills to rustic fincas, extraordinary gastronomy and wonderful all year round climate, it’s why we continue to arrange the perfect dreamy weddings for couples in Marbella. Often, wedding guests come away from the experience wanting their weddings here, and on top of that, they just want to come back to have a good time. Here are some tips on what Marbella can offer for your wedding guests:

Best beaches in Spain

Marbella is renowned for its pristine beaches, where guests can soak up the sun, take leisurely strolls along the shore, or indulge in exhilarating water sports such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing.

Charming old town

A visit to Marbella’s charming Old Town is a must-do for wedding guests. With its narrow alleys, flower-filled plazas, and historic landmarks such as Plaza de los Naranjos and the Moorish castle walls, guests can immerse themselves in the town’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Marbella old town is charming

Golf getaway

Marbella is a golfer’s paradise, boasting an array of world-class golf courses set amidst stunning landscapes. Wedding guests can tee off at prestigious clubs such as La Quinta Golf & Country Club, Los Naranjos Golf Club, or Marbella Golf & Country Club for an unforgettable golfing experience.

Best day trips along the Costa del Sol

Marbella serves as the perfect base for exploring the wider Costa del Sol region. Guests can embark on day trips to charming towns such as Ronda, Estepona, and Mijas, or venture further afield to the historic cities of Granada, Seville, and Cordoba.

Destination weddings in Marbella: Where the sun doesn’t stop shining

Let’s not forget the ultimate drawcard: year-round sunshine. Marbella boasts a delightful Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters, warm summers, and abundant sunshine throughout the year. This favorable weather ensures that couples can plan their dream wedding without worrying about inclement weather spoiling their special day. Summers in Marbella are long and dry, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C, perfect for outdoor ceremonies and al fresco receptions. Spring and autumn offer mild temperatures ideal for exploring the town and enjoying outdoor activities, while winter brings cooler temperatures but still plenty of sunshine, making it a popular destination for off-season weddings.

Marbella is a stunning spot to get married

Marbella epitomizes the essence of a dream destination wedding, offering couples an enchanting blend of romance, luxury, and Mediterranean charm. With its stunning venues, breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and endless array of activities, Marbella provides the perfect backdrop for couples to exchange vows and create memories to last a lifetime. Whether basking in the sun on pristine beaches, exploring the town’s historic treasures, or indulging in world-class cuisine, wedding guests are sure to be captivated by the beauty and allure of Marbella, making it an unforgettable destination for celebrating love and romance.

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