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Destination wedding in Spain: Exploring the beauty of Casares


Love is in the air in Casares


A destination wedding in Spain is something many more couples all over the world are dreaming of and seeking. Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, lays the enchanting town of Casares, which could be exactly what you’re after if you’re one of those couples seeking an exotic location to say ‘I do’. With its stunning landscapes, picturesque white-washed villages, and rich cultural heritage, Casares offers an idyllic setting that combines romance and elegance. In this blog post, we will explore the allure of Casares, delve into its charming countryside towns, and understand why it stands out as an ideal location for destination weddings.

The charms of Casares: A picture-perfect town

Casares, a quintessentially Andalusian village, is known for its breathtaking beauty and historical significance. Perched on a hillside with its iconic white-washed buildings cascading down the slopes, Casares provides a stunning backdrop for weddings. The town’s narrow, winding streets, adorned with colorful flowers and quaint balconies, exude an old-world charm that captivates visitors.

One of the highlights of Casares is its Moorish castle, which dates back to the 13th century. This ancient fortress offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, making it a popular spot for wedding ceremonies and photographs. The picturesque Plaza de España, with its charming fountain and traditional architecture, is another beloved venue for weddings.

Destination wedding in Spain
Beautiful florals and scattered petals adorn the ceremony area at a wedding venue in Casares

Exploring the countryside towns of Casares

The municipality of Casares encompasses several delightful countryside towns, each with its unique character and appeal. These towns add to the charm of the region, offering a variety of settings for couples looking to celebrate their special day.


Secadero is a small, tranquil town that epitomizes rural Andalusian life. Surrounded by lush fields and rolling hills, it provides a serene setting for intimate weddings. The town’s simplicity and natural beauty make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a rustic, countryside wedding.

El Jaral

El Jaral is known for its agricultural landscape and traditional farms. This town offers a more secluded and private atmosphere, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger towns. The charming farmhouses and open fields provide a romantic backdrop for wedding celebrations.

Casares Costa

For couples dreaming of a beach wedding, Casares Costa is the ideal destination. This coastal town boasts beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The contrast between the rugged coastline and the serene Mediterranean Sea creates a stunning setting for beachside ceremonies and receptions.

The bride walking down the outdoor aisle with her mother by her side in Casares

The climate of Casares: A sun-kissed paradise

One of the many reasons Casares is a popular wedding destination is its enviable climate. Located in the province of Malaga, Casares enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. This favorable weather makes it an ideal location for outdoor weddings and celebrations.

From May to September, Casares experiences warm and sunny weather, with temperatures often reaching the mid-30s Celsius (mid-90s Fahrenheit). This period is perfect for couples who dream of a sun-drenched wedding day, with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Even during the winter months, the climate remains mild, allowing for year-round wedding possibilities.

Destination wedding in Spain: what your wedding guests can do in Casares

Casares is not only a picturesque wedding venue but also a treasure trove of cultural experiences and sightseeing opportunities for wedding guests. The town and its surroundings offer a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty that will captivate visitors.

Historic landmarks

Wedding guests can explore the rich history of Casares by visiting its historic landmarks. The Moorish castle, perched high on the hill, offers stunning views and a glimpse into the town’s past. The Church of La Encarnación, a beautiful 16th-century church, is another must-visit site, showcasing the town’s architectural heritage.

Natural wonders

Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the natural wonders surrounding Casares. The Sierra Crestellina Natural Park is a haven for hikers and birdwatchers, with its rugged terrain and diverse wildlife. The nearby Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Natural Park offers breathtaking views and scenic trails, perfect for outdoor adventures.

Beautifully arranged wedding table in southern Spain

Local cuisine and traditions

Casares is a gastronomic delight, with its traditional Andalusian cuisine. Wedding guests can savor local dishes such as gazpacho, salmorejo, and pescaíto frito (fried fish). The town’s tapas bars and restaurants offer a true taste of Andalusian flavors, making every meal a memorable experience.

Additionally, Casares is known for its vibrant festivals and traditions. Guests can immerse themselves in the local culture by participating in events such as the Feria de Agosto, a lively fair featuring music, dance, and traditional costumes. The town’s Easter celebrations, with their colorful processions and religious ceremonies, provide a unique cultural experience.

The allure of destination weddings in Malaga

In recent years, destination weddings have gained immense popularity, and the province of Malaga has emerged as a top choice for couples seeking a magical wedding experience. Several factors contribute to this trend, making Malaga an irresistible destination for weddings.

Stunning scenery

Malaga’s diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to rugged mountains, offer a wide range of stunning settings for weddings. Whether couples envision a beachfront ceremony, a vineyard celebration, or a mountaintop vow exchange, Malaga has it all.

Cultural richness

The province of Malaga is steeped in culture and history, providing a unique backdrop for weddings. From ancient castles and historic churches to charming villages and vibrant festivals, the cultural richness of the region adds depth and meaning to wedding celebrations.


Malaga is easily accessible from major cities across Europe and beyond, thanks to its well-connected international airport. This ease of access makes it convenient for couples and their guests to travel to the wedding destination without hassle.

Destination wedding in Spain
Nighttime wedding vibe in Casares

Year-round appeal

The mild Mediterranean climate of Malaga ensures that weddings can be held year-round. Whether couples prefer a summer celebration under the sun or a cozy winter wedding, the region’s favorable weather conditions allow for flexible planning.

Getting to Malaga and Casares

Reaching Casares and its surrounding towns is straightforward, thanks to the excellent transportation links in the province of Malaga. Here’s a guide on how to get to Casares:

By air

The nearest airport to Casares is Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), which is well-connected to major cities worldwide. Upon arrival at the airport, there are several options for reaching Casares:

  • Car rental: Renting a car is a convenient way to explore the region at your own pace. The drive from Malaga airport to Casares takes about 1.5 hours, offering scenic views along the way.
  • Taxi or private transfer: Taxis and private transfer services are readily available at the airport. This option provides a comfortable and direct route to Casares.

By train

The nearest major train station to Casares is in Malaga city. From there, visitors can take a regional train to the nearby town of Estepona, which is about a 30-minute drive from Casares. From Estepona, taxis or local bus services can be used to reach Casares.

By bus

Regular bus services operate between Malaga and Estepona, with connections to Casares. While this option might take a bit longer, it offers a cost-effective way to travel and enjoy the scenic countryside.

Casares is gaining popularity as a wedding venue among couples

Why Casares stands out for destination weddings

Casares is more than just a beautiful location; it is a place where dreams come true. Here are some reasons why Casares is an ideal choice for destination weddings:

Romantic atmosphere

The romantic atmosphere of Casares, with its white-washed buildings, narrow streets, and stunning landscapes, creates a perfect setting for love and celebration. The town’s timeless beauty and intimate ambiance add a touch of magic to every wedding.

Variety of venues

From historic castles and charming plazas to beachfront locations and countryside estates, Casares offers a wide variety of wedding venues to suit different tastes and styles. Whether couples desire a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, they can find the perfect venue in Casares.

Experienced professionals

Casares boasts a network of experienced wedding planners and vendors who specialize in creating unforgettable weddings. Their local knowledge and expertise ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, allowing couples to relax and enjoy their special day.

Cultural richness

The cultural richness of Casares, with its historic landmarks, traditional festivals, and Andalusian cuisine, provides a unique and immersive experience for wedding guests. Couples can incorporate local customs and traditions into their wedding, adding depth and meaning to their celebration.

Scenic beauty

The scenic beauty of Casares, from its rolling hills and natural parks to its stunning coastline, offers endless opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos. The picturesque landscapes provide a stunning backdrop that will be cherished in wedding albums for years to come.

Casares, with its enchanting beauty, rich cultural heritage, and idyllic settings, is a dream destination for weddings. From the charming town of Casares itself to the picturesque countryside towns within its municipality, every corner of this region exudes romance and elegance. With its favorable climate, diverse wedding venues, and a wealth of cultural experiences for guests, Casares stands out as a premier choice for couples seeking a memorable and magical wedding celebration.

Whether you envision a romantic hilltop ceremony, a beachside celebration, or an intimate gathering in a rustic village, Casares has something to offer every couple. Its accessibility, experienced wedding professionals, and stunning scenery make it an irresistible destination for weddings, ensuring that your special day will be nothing short of perfect.

So, if you’re dreaming of a destination wedding that combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and timeless romance, look no further than Casares. This hidden gem in the south of Spain is ready to make your wedding dreams come true, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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