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Spanish Wedding Dreams On Valentine’s Day


Getting married in spain

So its Valentines Day and your beau has just popped that magical question “will you marry me?” Those valuable four words you’ve been waiting to hear, and finally, after all these years on Valentines Day he exceeds all your expectations!

bride and bridesmaids in spain

If you were like me then your mind will be working over time, who to tell first, when to get married, who to ask to be your bridesmaids and of course visualizing yourself walking down the aisle on your wedding day – your dreams are finally coming true but wait, you look outside it’s miserable, grey and raining and although your day has been made brighter by those lovely sparkly diamonds you are now sporting on your hand you can’t possible imagine having your dream wedding on day like today….

Boutique hotel in Spain

That’s why most of our brides made their decision to get married in Spain; with almost 325 days of guaranteed sunshine in any one of our 3 destinations; Malaga southern Spain, Majorca & Barcelona.

Hacienda wedding venue spain

Your wedding location choice is not only eclectic from; beach, sea-view, mountains, city & countryside but each has their own varied choices of wedding venues from; rustic haciendas to luxury beach clubs, boutique hotels to private villas and many more.

sea view wedding venue in Majorca

All 3 Spanish destinations are easily accessible from most UK and Ireland airports making it so easy for your guests to join and celebrate your wedding in Spain for more than one day; they can take full advantage of having fun in the sun creating some fabulous memories to take home.

getting married in spain

What better way to spend your valentines day than dreaming about your wedding in Spain !!!!