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Megan and John’s Magical Hacienda Wedding Day

Reflections from a Beautiful Bride


We’re thrilled to bring you an interview with the fabulous Megan and John today; one of the first couples to tie the knot this spring, when the Sunshine Weddings Spanish season officially starts again for the year.

A heartfelt thank you to the newlyweds for sparing their time to share their thoughts during the busy days following their celebration on the Costa del Sol.

How did you both meet?

We met online, went on a few dates and there was an instant spark, we spent all our time together and decided to move in together after six months. 

Bride and groom in the luxurious gardens of the Hacienda
Bride and groom in the luxurious gardens of the Hacienda

Your wedding was three years in the planning. It sounds as if a lot of thought and love went into the preparations for your Big Day. How extensive was the preparation – in conjunction with Scott and the wedding planning team?

John proposed just after a year, and we spent a while discussing locations before deciding on the Costa del Sol. We met with Angel who took us up to Mijas Pueblo where the little church was and then took us to the Hacienda and we both fell in love with the place! We had a few meetings with Scott and so much support from Pam, the team were great. A year in, after trying for a while, I fell pregnant in summer 2017 and we welcomed Toby into the world in May 2018, which slowed the planning down a little bit. 

The wedding ceremony in the Hacienda gardens amidst a stunning mountain backdrop
The wedding ceremony in the Hacienda gardens amidst a stunning mountain backdrop

Why did you decide to get married in southern Spain? Do you have any special connections with the Costa del Sol?

My grandparents have a place in Calahonda and I spent a lot of time there when growing up, and enjoyed showing John all the places I loved as a child and sharing memories, and it’s our go-to holiday destination. A special place for me as my grandma passed away and she loved being on the Costa del Sol so it seemed a place to be connected with her as well. 

Can you tell us a little about your beautiful dress, Megan?

I’m not a very extravagant person, and I wanted something simple. I always wanted lace and after lots of searching with my maid of honour, I fell in love with the Ben de Lisi dress. Fitted and long-sleeved lace were what I wanted from the beginning. 

How did the venue live up to your expectations?

The venue was insane. We visited three times before the three-day stay. All the guests were blown away, and enjoyed spending time by the pool and wandering the grounds. I think everyone at some point during the stay visited Mijas Pueblo as this is somewhere me and John love to visit. 

The serene swimming pool at the Hacienda
The serene swimming pool at the Hacienda

What flavours and style did you decide on for your wedding cake?

As we wanted a rustic theme, the naked cake was a no-brainer. I think we trialed six flavours which were all delicious, but went with the traditional Victoria sponge, which fitted the theme as well. The Red Velvet was John’s favourite but the red would have looked out of place… 

The glorious strawberry-studded naked layer wedding cake
The glorious strawberry-studded naked layer wedding cake

One of the advantages to a Spanish destination wedding is the perfect excuse to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea! Did you set aside time to relax with your family and friends before and after your wedding day?

We arrived in Spain a week prior to the big day with John’s sister, nephew and dad and stayed in Calahonda. We went to Cabopino beach and caught some glorious sunshine, and we visited Mijas Pueblo and Puerto Banus. The weather was a bit up and down but we made the most of it, and it cleared for our stay at the Hacienda and the Big Day. 

How was the morning of the wedding – as all the final touches were put in place?

Me and John decided we weren’t going to see each other on the morning of the wedding. As the ceremony wasn’t until four, a lot of our guests ventured out for the morning to the local towns; myself, my mum and the bridesmaids just grabbed whatever was in: cereals, fruit etc, we had the children too, so at various points during getting ready it was a bit hectic!

Bridal party by night outside the wedding Hecienda
Bridal party by night outside the wedding Hacienda

We wouldn’t know it at all from the fairy-tale photos!

Many thanks again to Megan and John. We wish them a long and joyous marriage.